Silly muses

Another day, another dozen pages written–and not a single one on either of the books I’m trying to get finished up!! My muses–they are so clever and funny sometimes, leading me down other paths and distracting me. Taking my creative thoughts and displacing them like pixies with my favorite earrings. How could I possibly be angry though?? I love every bit of what I’ve written (never mind that no one else will likely see it until I’ve been dead for forty years!), and I’ve just come to accept that this is going to happen now and then. It’s quite all right with me.

I did spend part of the day watching the movie “Vanity Fair”. Good gods, where do I start with that one?? I have been weeding through my dvd’s, getting rid of ones I don’t watch or even like anymore, and this is one that I keep passing over because I haven’t been in the mood to watch it. Mind, I’ve had it for about 12 years and only seen it once, so a second viewing was definitely in order before chucking it. I was holding onto it this long–though I could vaguely recall being disappointed by it–because one of my favorite actors is in it. I think I was confusing it with two other films, wherein his appearance is brief, because in this one he’s all over the place and for a good lot of the movie. I will be keeping it because of this, and despite the fact that I find Becky Sharpe to be one of the most horrendous characters ever to show up in this sort of visual art. She may have been “clever” at times, but she was haphazard and insensitive. Her motives were flimsy and she really reminded me way too much of a woman from my past, who acted the exact same way. Ugh. I’m not impressed. Not. At. All. For half a second, I considered¬†Wuthering Heights as a better piece of literature, but came to my senses: they are both hideous. I will stick with more masterful pieces like “Crimson Peak”, thank you very much!

So as I prepare for bed, I’m encouraged by the fact that my dreams have been returning: detailed, colorful–sometimes lucid–and altogether worth going to. It’s hard not to be eager for sleep, because of this. While I haven’t found much from them to put into my stories as of late, they are still stirring something in there, and for that I am both excited and grateful! If this keeps up, it’s only a matter of time‚ĶOnly a matter of time before I’m hit up with another idea for a book that is so brilliant, I will crank out another 80 pages or so before realizing I’ve left the two that are so close to finished back in the dust. Ugh. It happens. Story of the stories of my life.