“Giving lines of life”

So, I don’t coin phrases too often, least of all ones that actually make me sit back and think “Damn. That was really clever.” Last night, during time spent with a friend, I came up with one that I love. I was filling her in on the ridiculous number of stories that I’m working on right now and told her the plots (which I’m now committed to read aloud to her when they’re done…), and toward the end of our visit I stated that I had to get home because it was getting late. I then stated, “And you know, before I can even go to bed, I have to give our Guardian a few lines of life.” Guardian being the protagonist in one of those stories (he doesn’t yet have a name, but he is, indeed, a Guardian). I suppose this phrase moves me so much because it’s what I really am doing–giving life to my characters on the page. Or, perhaps, they are already living (yes) and I merely give them a stage on which to blossom. In any case, it was a moment of not feeling like such a lousy authoress, and maybe it was their way of saying Thank You.