Official release and book signing, Nevermore, Inc. (and also an update)

This Saturday is the official release date for Nevermore, Inc. into the big, wide world of readers! If you’re anywhere near Werner Books in Erie, PA, I do hope you will stop in! I’ll also have a few copies of 366 Tales: Stories Year Round, and since I have yet to empty my trunk from the Erie Comic Con last month, there are a few copies of other titles available as well.

In other news:

I’ve been pretty awful about keeping up on my memoir. I get an occasional story down on paper every few weeks, but I’m feeling a little soul-crushed by my new job and motivation and inspiration are hard to find. In the interim, I’ve at least been faithful with the re-editing of Empress Irukandji (my, how my writing has improved since it’s first printing….Yikes!), and even though it’s a slog, I am confident it will be done by the end of November for a re-release. In case you’re wondering why I am bothering with this,  Empress was never meant to evolve into an 8 book series (are you caught up through book 5 yet???), but it did, so I thought it only fair to clean up some of the continuity.

**Remind me never to write a series from end-to-beginning like this ever again.**

I’m pretty sure that all subsequent books are safe, but I will go through them as well. As I slowly get all of my titles shifted over to a new publishing platform, it seems the best time for such a tedious process.

Also, and in completely non-related news: I just booked myself for a Transatlantic crossing. I was informed it is not a “cruise” because it’s not on a “cruise ship” but an ocean liner…. And it’s 1920s themed, so I can hardly stand that there’s 9 months’ time between now and when we set sail. Is there a more perfect setting for me to be in??? Probably not. It’s a shame I don’t have anyone going with me, but as I fully intend to dress for the occasion from the moment I leave my doorstep to the point of returning to it, I’m sure I’ll make some new friends along the way. If something like this interests you, you can find the info here:

The deadline for putting down a deposit is the end of this week, I believe, so if this is your scene–CHOP CHOP! To say it’s pricy is an understatement–a chance of a lifetime (and who even knows what stories will be inspired because of it??)–and I have no idea how I’m actually going to afford it, but I just went ahead and paid my deposit yesterday, so I guess I’ll have to figure that out! I will be posting items in these entries of things I am selling off in the hopes of bringing some funding my way. This will include things like original artwork I’ve done, costumes I’ve made, and a number of other items. Please feel free to share any of those with parties you believe may be interested.

I’m quite excited about the opportunity. I have been saying for a few years that I want to make a sea voyage and have been wondering if there were any themed ones, and …voila! So there is. My sewing room is now in complete disarray while I decide what I’ll be wearing. How fortuitous that I’ve slowly (maybe not that slowly) been converting my wardrobe to the 20s/30s aesthetic over the past 3 years! Look forward to hearing more about this as things develop.