About Heather E Hutsell


Heather E. Hutsell spent her earliest years on Bainbridge Island, WA, before setting out to see the world just two months after turning 17.

She started writing at age 11, knowing after entering and winning awards through the Young Author’s program (and for the next 2 years following) that she wanted to be a published author (despite what it says in her Kindergarten project—The Book of Me).

Her first book, Awakening Alice—a sequel to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland—was first published in the collaborative work Ghost on the Highway in 2006. She then went on to self-publish Awakening Alice along with its sequel A Ticket for Patience in an illustrated version, in 2007. She has since written twelve additional novels, two novellas, and five short story collections. Heather has also written two historical documentary series (Indian Wars: A Change in Worlds, and Emancipation Road [both from Lionheart Filmworks, LLC]), and a number of human interest articles for OneUnitedLancaster.com.

Future books already in progress include the next three books to the Steampunk mystery series The Case Files; The Pound (sequel to The Quad), and many, many others. Most recently, she has completed the micro-fiction collection, 366 Tales: Stories Year Round. Written in an effort to combat a crippling short-attention span, courtesy of the age of COVID-19, Heather took on the challenge of writing one 1-page story a day for a year. Genres run from heartwarming to thought-provoking, to just flat-out weird.  If you, too, have a short attention span, this book is right up your alley!

Just released: a paranormal novella, Nevermore, Inc. and soon, a collection of Autumn and October influenced poems. She is currently working on her first memoir, Horse Legs and Other Lunchbox Mysteries.

On the process of creating:

“I write because I must. It is in my blood and my every breath. When I can no longer create these new worlds on the page; when I can no longer stir minds, hearts and souls into reflection and growth with my words, I will be done here.”

* Heather is available for speaking opportunities, whether live and in person, on live-streamed podcasts, or pre-recorded events; book signings and writing workshops. Please do not hesitate to contact her at H.E.Hutsell@gmail.com to discuss rates and scheduling!