Stalled Out In The Driveway

Almost two months later and I’ve gotten nowhere. Some might say that every day I am making progress toward my goals, but I see myself standing here doing the Pulp Fiction John Travolta, “Well? Where is it?” stance, and I am not amused. Some of my recent goals have required sending out a whole lot of resumes that have either returned rejections, or been complete scams. Scams are something I expect of emails about long-lost funds or watches, or from apartment listing on Craigslist (Yeah, I see you, you absolute jerks), but to have them show up on job listing sites? REALLY? How much of an absolute lowlife must one be to go that route?? Some of us are really trying to find work so we can advance our lives (and many more are just trying to survive), and then we come across this garbage? Shameful. Get your own life, you cretins.

Anyway, I’ve gotten nowhere with that and have concluded two things: I either need to already be in the area I am looking to work, or I am overqualified. Or both. I don’t think I’ve ever taken this long (8 months) to find work. I suppose some of it comes with not being willing to settle for less than what I want. I don’t believe in taking on a job that I’m just planning to quit and start over again elsewhere when the better job comes. I may as well wait it out, as much as it stalls me in the driveway.  I can’t tell you how much I want that to change so I can get on with things that cannot be got from where I currently stand.

In other news: 366 Tales is going along as planned. I hit the halfway mark a few days ago, which should keep me on track to get this book out to the world for those wanting to start reading it on January 1st. I’ve taken to posting teaser snippets of stories once a day on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to read those, here are my handles:

Twitter: @EmprssIrukandji
Instagram: heather_e_hutsell_authoress
Facebook (authoress page):

Lastly, in my post previous to this one, I mentioned wanting to travel and write. Like the job and the move, that has yet to come about. I realize I’m wasting time by going nowhere, but it’s rough wrapping my head around the idea of traveling and having to stay masked that has me stuck at the moment. I don’t mean the actual traveling part–I am 100% in favor of keeping others and myself safe during this dragged out pandemic–I mean once I’m in my destination. I guess there would be times where I could go without, but only if no one is around, and that’s rough to accept. People are part of the experience, after all. Maybe there will be a short trip to a closer location in June. I’m considering it. Until then, follow me on social media, get caught up on 366 Tales‘ snippets, and get your vaccines so we can all get back to more.