The Dream Just Keeps On Growing

It’s never a bad idea to have a lot of dreams, because not all of them are going to come true. So: back up dreams, right??

The most recent dream I’ve come up with (not even 24 hours old yet), is to travel and write. While this isn’t exactly new, I am feeling drawn to a life of both fiction and non-fiction in the ever-changing world of that notion. I am feeling a sudden calling to travel and blog those experiences, while also writing fictional pieces that take place in those same locations. The trick is this: Who is going to pay for it? Who is going to pay my bills? It always comes down to money, doesn’t it? What ever happened to the super rich patrons of the arts who would choose an artist or author and say, “You know what? I will pay all of your expenses off of my old family money, that I will NEVER otherwise spend in my lifetime, so you can live out your dream!”??? Maybe I just made this up and no such people ever existed. They should. Let’s go ahead and take care of all of the other societal issues while we are at it, too. There is more than enough green molding the pockets of the uber-rich to see to that. Can you imagine?? Having billions and billions, but being such a stingy waste of space that you wouldn’t bother trying to get some stuff turned around in the world? That’s like being a superhero and saying, “Nah. I don’t feel like helping anyone.” What a waste. That money never should have gone to the people who have it and do nothing useful with it.


I want to do this. I want to travel and write based on my travels. I can picture it perfectly in dozens of locations, but if I’m just supposed to show up and take baby steps, but not worry about the “hows”, then just how far is that actually going to get me??

In other news: 366 Stories (which will eventually be changed to 366 Tales) is still coming along. I’m starving for inspiration, so I’m grateful that I am able to continue to complete at least one of these a day. There have been some interesting pieces to come out of this. Here’s hoping they’re as thought-provoking for the readers as they have been for me as their author. Since I never know what I’m going to write until I sit down and start one of these stories, I am perpetually eager to see what each new writing session will bring. Especially since I feel like I’m having to really stretch to get any ideas at all. And yes, due to that, these have gone into some strange areas. Still, I think it will be fun for all.