Toddler steps, forward; baby steps, back

In the midst of my mental squalor, I managed to get two pages written on my next Patreon-destined short-short. This one is called “For the Love of Spaghets”. It’s actually a pretty humorous little story–a true story, I might add–about what lengths someone might (and DID!) go to for a delectable, home-cooked dinner. I’m glad I asked permission to write it out after it was shared with me. I will embellish, of course! I need to try and finish it this evening, though I’m pretty tired. I worked on my day off yesterday, so I’m a day short of rest–which is thankfully coming tomorrow. I do have a few crucial errands to run, however, so I think all my rest will be coming in the morning just short of my cat waking me up around six… Makes a good argument for just going to bed now, doesn’t it?? I would probably shoot for a nap if I could trust myself to wake up in, say, an hour or so…Not likely.

And here I am writing this instead of working on the short-short. That makes a good lot of sense, doesn’t it? Decompression, you know…Since getting home just over an hour ago, I’ve done little else but sit. Though I did manage to eat a quick dinner of leftovers and an ice cream sandwich.

And now my neighbor is singing…not well, but I have to admire his lack of giving a damn about who hears him. Plus, he borrowed his dad’s snowblower to clear out the four feet of snow from our driveway this past winter, so…Sing on, my demented neighborly friend!

Where was I? Writing, maybe? Since my last post, I think I’ve added about a page to The Open Book. Just notes, but a page of it. It’s the last chapter that doesn’t have anything written on it in story form. I believe I did also close a gap in another chapter. This book is coming along–slow but steady. Just a few missing things yet. It will get there–hopefully by my deadline so I have it in time for Steampunk unLimited. Basically, that means I’d better finish it up by the end of August…Oy….