It’s Wednesday. So?

I don’t really have anything to write a blog about today. I just feel like writing one because it’s been a day…or two. I don’t know–it’s all such a blur anymore. I find that I remember less and less of the usual mundane happenings of days past, and only the absolute most memorable stuff seems to stick. I’m mostly okay with this–why clutter up the cranial attic?? but there are times when I need to remember details for my job, and it’s like the hamsters slam the door shut to go and sit on the couch and bing watch Netflix for a few more …weeks. (Disclaimer: I don’t watch Netflix. I have no idea what it would do to my bare minimum {but still costs me $43/month!!} internet service.)

Well, clearly Ive had enough of that thought, because wherever it was going, it went without me. Fine.

Making an attempt to write tonight is definitely on the agenda. I keep having little moments of “Hey! I could be so much farther along/successful/Known than I am right now, if I would just be more dedicated and WORK ON MY WRITING!”. Some days this is really motivating, and I do well. Other days, I feel pretty lax about it–right now–and slip more into that “Yeah, it’s never going to happen. I’m just going to continue to be me, writing and releasing books at a snail’s pace and even if I publish 5 books a year, I will still never be known. People will give an occasional thumbs up when I put out something new, and still not buy my work” mode. Not my favorite way to think about it, but more common. I think I need a vacation. A change of scenery. It has been a few years already, after all. Might have to panhandle for that one.