Thought/[DIE]/”I’m on my way!”

It must have been a long week (yes, it was), because I woke up at 5:43am, went back to sleep, woke up at 7:42am, went back to sleep, and then got up just before 9am. Lots of dreams scattered throughout that up and down, one of which involved my packing to move from somewhere, and digging through boxes, repacking more efficiently, etc. I had a LOT of stuff in that dream. Lots of useless stuff too. I don’t have even a quarter of what I saw there. And yet, I woke up feeling like I should go through and purge some more. I do have a nearly full box getting ready for donation, but there must be more I can cram into it first! I know I’ve talked about it before, but the whole process of weeding out useless, non-beautiful, non-joy-bringing items from my life has been a very interesting one. Even this morning as I passed by the refrigerator, I realized that there are about 8 magnets on there that I made, that I walk past every day without really even noticing them. It’s stuff like that that throws me–do I still like to see it? Yes, because it’s witty and/or beautiful. Would I miss it if I got rid of it? Probably not. So, it sounds like I’m going to be going through my magnets today! I also have a good amount of cleaning up to do around here–vacuuming, putting away of beads and such that I cleaned out of my jewelry box a few weeks ago, into my jewelry supplies. (Another area that I go through and scrape from now and then.)

And I digress.

In another dream, I was listening to a radio talk show, wherein the hosts were interviewing Neil Gaiman. Somehow they got on the subject of creating a website name or email address or something of that nature, and Neil was trying to concentrate and come up with this name, but he was under a time constraint and there was distraction going on in the house. So he first wrote down Thought. Nothing came to him and it reached a point of great frustration, so he tagged on DIE. Whomever was in the house with him kept calling him to come out of his work space–repeatedly–and he finally added “I’m on my way!” , thus creating his address. Or so this was his explanation via my dream. Maybe someone should create some such website and have it be ‘all things Neil’.

One other dream I recall was prior to the packing dream. I had a little kitten running around with me–maybe the same one that was eating French fries a few nights ago–and we were both caught up in a place we did not want to be. At some point, this kitten (as kittens frequently do in my dreams) turned into a baby boy. And, (as babies frequently do in my dreams) he began to talk to me. I had picked him up and he had somehow (probably from crawling into the bag of fries and coat hangers), skewered himself in the head. He didn’t cry and there wasn’t any blood. I carefully removed the wire and put a cloth over it, just in case. I’m not sure why we were stuck where we were, but we had to sneak away. The other people around us noticed we were trying to leave via my car, and one woman stood behind me so I couldn’t go. I guess I’d already reached the point of being fed up with this cult of psychos, because I went ahead and put the car in reverse and hit the accelerator. I guess she moved and this baby kitten boy and I drove off into the night. I’m now sitting here thinking as I write this out, how rare it is that there are such exact details from one dream into another, days apart. I’m not sure I’ve had that happen to me in a long time. Maybe it’s from re-reading my Twins Trilogy books and working on the third one so much recently. Certainly no complaints–at least the repeating factors are ones I can deal with.

So today’s agenda (besides cleaning house and running errands) is to get back to The Open Book. I’m faced with a wide open chapter that I just have about a page of notes for, but will have to get pretty creative with in order to get it out in print. If I can accomplish that much, I’ll be thrilled. To do more would be a bonus, but one goal at a time! And, as much as I like getting on here and rambling out blog posts that are probably never read anymore, I may be back to add another one. We’ll see what I come across throughout my day. Maybe I’ll start posting pictures of random things in my possession to see if they rekindle my interest in them. It could be an interesting way to decide whether or not they move on.