The madness never ends, and why should it?

I’m still chipping away through editing Starbright–usually a page at a time through my lunch breaks. My classes are heavy this semester and I think I’ve finally settled into a routine. This past week, however, I lost five days to having to make a boutonniere order wherein I required *upfront* three months to get them done. By the time the materials reached me (delayed on the customer’s part, not mine!), I had a month and a half to make 10 flowers. Oh, and let’s bump up the “need by” date by a month–make that barely over 2 weeks to get them done. I’m pretty irritated about it–still–even though they are done and going into the mail today and I never have to see them again. It would have been one thing if they weren’t modified all to heck. Never again. A sparkling new contract has been created because of this. I don’t care if I never do these for another wedding again–I do these flowers for FUN. This was NOTFUN“.

In the writing world (besides the insanely slow crawl with editing on Starbright) I have a few ideas circulating in my head for a short story compilation. It will probably be called The Doll Collection, unless I can think of something more clever.

I did get one rough sketch for the cover art for Her Majesty about two weeks ago, but haven’t seen anything since.

**Hint to artists doing book covers: Please communicate with the author. Don’t make them pull teeth in trying to get you to talk to them, and don’t leave every single correspondence in their hands to initiate. It’s rude and unprofessional, and we are just as busy as you are!

The deadline for it is January, so there’s time, but updates (if there are any) would be nice. That said, I have no time or patience to take on another artist for Starbright’s cover, so I’m doing that one myself. So far, so good. Though with the boutonniere fiasco, it’s been impossible to work on for over a week. Lovely. I have until January to get that one done as well, but must also get the editing done on Her Majesty by then. It would be good to start clearing my plate of some of these projects! Oh to have ten more hours in a day, just for my creative endeavors! Of course, if I did, that just might give me the creative boost that I could have ten hours every day for such things. One can dream!