Pre-Spring Note

Old business:

Her Majesty made it in time for FarPoint after all–BARELY. What a bunch of unnecessary stress and nonsense. Seriously: I’m so done. Contracts all around for future artwork: period.

Newer business:

The semester started and, sure enough, the workload is just as heavy as the last one, though in different ways. Writing has taken a back burner for the most part, though I am now on spring break and determined to get a thing or two done (plus getting my home back in respectable order and whipping up a few sewing projects, maybe). I’m thrilled to be able to write anything at this point, but my three focuses are: the second story for The Doll Collection anthology, a piece for another anthology put together by Crazy 8 Press, and to make a dent in what’s left of Darling Orphan. Yes–that’s a lot. I do have other deadlines for the second and third of those three pieces, that go beyond the end of spring break, but getting something done on all three in the next several days should be more than doable.

Non-writing business:

FINALLY, after too many years, I have two vacations planned. They are no obligation, no stress (within reason), no rushing vacations, and both are during summer break so I should truly be able to focus on writing during those times. One in June, one in August, and I will be close to the water both times. I can hardly wait. Now, to have my muses cooperate with the timing!

Sewing business:

Last weekend I was introduced to two semi-local fabric stores I’d never heard of, and bought two fabrics for 1910’s style dresses, and three other fabrics to make Victorian riding “skirts”–which are really pants. I’m excited about these (especially the pants since I can wear them whenever), though I do already have a mountain of sewing projects to get through–most of which are part of my daily wardrobe. I’m not trying to delay things there, but adding to it isn’t exactly the way to get stuff done! Oh, well! There will be some sewing today: a very simple a-line dress of green plaid homespun. Part of the whole Lagenlook I’m building. At least it’s all comfortable!

Time to move on to some morning writing.