Post-AutomataCon and I’m Pretty Sure…

…that I am not the same person who walked through the doors of the Morris Museum yesterday at 10am!


As I warned via Facebook, I will need a few days to process what I’ve just come away with, not the least of which is two more stories for The Doll Collection. If I do not hurry up and get these two done, and get through the editing for the entire book–like, STAT!–this book may just go on and on and on…. Like I said in my last post here, I’m perfectly fine with doing a second volume, but I’ve got to have time to get this one going and off of my plate first! It will end with 13 stories (it Has to, or I’m seriously never going to get back to the books that people have recently been clamoring for! I’m not prepared for angry mobs!), and I’ll do my best to make sure I get the notes down on paper or in my computer so nothing gets forgotten. Seriously: this stuff is too good not to share! Just not yet.

What I can talk about are the amazing artists who were there at the show, demonstrating some of their brilliant work: Dug North, Brett King, Tom Haney, and Jim Casey, just to name a very few. I included the links (click on their names to get you started, if interested. The Morris Museum link is below) so you can see some of their work. I am lousy at taking pictures–so I didn’t–and to try and describe them would not do them justice. Please visit their sites! 

The lectures were incredibly helpful, as I went in knowing pretty much nothing about automata other than from an aesthetic and fantastical perspective. It’s safe to say that I now have quite a few more wrinkles in my brain. And also, I adore my gift for writing, but wish I were also more mathematically and mechanically gifted. Not in this lifetime, I guess.

While at the event, I also had the pleasure of speaking with Jere Ryder from the Morris Museum about two particular pieces that are in the viewable storage department. (I got a pretty good look at them, as a matter of fact–enough that I did and still do get chills from their images–and photos of both will be on their way to me soon, so I can incorporate them into these last two tales–see the last paragraph of this post for more on that.) I am incredibly grateful for Jere’s time and knowledge! And, it goes without saying, so insanely excited about what is going to come of such precious access! I am totally seeing stars over this–yes, it has hit me that hard!

Last writing news bits before I go and decompress and just revel in the mental fruits of this recent experience:

“Wanted” and “Babees” are finished. “Loyalty” is on hold for the second volume, and “Mephistophelissa” (story #12) is under way. The final piece that will go into The Doll Collection doesn’t yet have a title, but I’m sure that won’t be an issue once I get going on it–you know it never is.

All right–hold fast! I’ll be back soon with more…