Marching On

If I can manage to post every other month, that will be great! Though the goal is to do more than that. Again.

Early in February, The Doll Collection: Volume Two was released!

Since then, I’ve finished drafts for 11 out of 13 stories for volume three. One of the last two needs to be written. The other just needs a serious overhaul from what I already had. I’ve really been bouncing back and forth between a bunch of projects, which certainly delays finishing anything, but it’s good to be working on anything at all!

I’ve done some editing on Darling Orphan. Still need to slog through that and get it going. I also recently started an epic poem based on the Bride of Frankenstein. A new twist to that whole story, called “The Merry Widow of Frankenstein”. It’s just over 30 pages long at this point, and I am still trying to work out how I want to format and publish it.

The Kickstarter for Crazy 8 Press’s Bad Ass Moms started almost a month ago. Sorry for just now mentioning it! I figured anyone who reads this is probably connected with me in some way via Facebook, Twitter, or saw me at FarPoint last month, so I didn’t jump on it to promote it here as well. But, since I’m here now: . We’re down to the last 60-some hours, so if you’re seeing this for the first time, please go check it out! I’m really excited to be a part of the project, and thrilled that we’ve been funded for it. Those stretch goals though… some really great stuff in there, if we make them!

Speaking of Crazy 8 Press: I had mentioned in my last post that I was asked to contribute to Thrilling Adventure Yarns: Volume Two, and I have. I sent a different story than the one mentioned, so at some point, I’m hoping people will pick it up and see what “Casting Couch” is all about. Between writing it and “Dead Drop”, I’m loving the pulp style and hope to do more of it at some point. (Like I don’t have a hundred other things to write…)

I think the only other thing I’ve been really working on to any great length, has been a small book of poetry, simply titled October. Last year, I wrote a poem a day for the month of October (like many artists do for “Inktober” but with drawings), and was pleased with the results. I’ve been working off and on to format illustrations into it, but once I am settled on an actual book size, I’ll be able to push that one closer to publication.

More shows on the docket for the year, so that’s always great, plus some awesome personal changes that should make other endeavors fun, interesting, and lively. I can’t really talk about much there, but all great things!

Lastly, for now: I am considering reading the beginning pages of my books and stories in individual videos, and posting them on social media and YouTube to draw more of an audience. My attempts thus far haven’t worked well, due to an uploading issue, but I’ll keep at it. If I can find a moment at work to live stream off of better internet, I may go that route. Stay tuned, of course.