Electric to Indigo

I can’t remember when I had post-con blues that hit this hard. It has been a while and somehow I got off easy from the last few shows I did. Odd. What was different this time? I think it was the people I met, and the fact that I didn’t feel fully into it until yesterday–the last day. That just figures. I was stuck working on a history paper during the convention on Friday (which is NOT what I wanted to be doing!), and Saturday was just a blur. I suppose having been stung by a bee that morning probably had a little to do with it. As far as I know, I’m not allergic to them–not like I am to yellow jackets–but in retrospect, I didn’t go without some side effects.

Throughout the day, I kept thinking about how I wanted to be there longer than just for the show, but couldn’t due to school being in session. I was in a not-so-comfortable costume, and that is always a distraction. I remember reaching a point on Saturday where I was just wishing it would hurry up and be over. Wow–how foolish of me! I also didn’t really start talking to other people there at the show until yesterday and that was an incredible mistake. A lot of mischief was packed into a few measly six hours, and to think what I could have accomplished had I spent the entire time that way! Well, nothing I can do about it now. I’ve come away with a renewed interest in working onĀ The Pound, thanks to a guy who looks exactly as I pictured Lt. Lucas Carver. It was a ‘character materializing right before my eyes’ kind of moment, and I actually got the nerve to talk to him about the book. His enthusiasm helped, and I got some ironically fitting insight from him–all without his even knowing what the book is about. That just blows my mind. So that’s three times this year that I have had some reality/otherworldly cross over. I’d love for this to be an ongoing trend. Preferably for the rest of my life.

Here’s a picture of my set up. I haven’t had a decent picture of this for a while because I never seem to have enough table space to display all of my books. Of course, I forgot 2 stands so I still have two books lying down and you can’t see their covers. I’m going to have to hunt those stands down and rectify this for the next show (which is Clocktoberfest next Saturday, Columbia, PA by the way). I’m also going to need to build upward with the layout, if I want this to work effectively. (Terribly blurry. Apologies.)

And then the mischief making…I managed to rope “The Walking Dead’s” Michael Koske (of all people) into helping out with it. I feel like I came away with a new sibling because of that. A second accomplice: the one and only Dolly Maully.

As for my “victims” who were incredible fun and great sports about it…. Well, I got a lot of smiles for and from that and may have also come away with a crush on one of them. I can’t help it if I have a severe weakness for foxy faces! Especially silver ones, and ones that smile at me…I’m not sure if my heart stopped or started, or both. In any case, it is a treasured moment in time. At least I get to keep that, if nothing else. A song for him, should he ever read this (place your bets…)–

Now back “home” and facing down finalizing my history paper before I submit it, getting into this week’s round of homework, and trying to put this apartment back in order. More and more I feel like I’m staying here temporarily–like I’m on an extended business trip, and I’m just biding my time until I get to go home. Wherever that is. They say “home is where the heart is”. Well, when my heart’s other half arrives, I’ll know I have as well.

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