About Heather E Hutsell

Heather E. Hutsell (1973-) was born in Fort Worth, TX, and spent her earliest years on Bainbridge Island, WA, before setting out to see the world at age 17. She started writing at age 11, knowing after entering and winning awards through the Young Author’s program through school (and for the next 2 years following) that she was determined to be a published author. Her first book, Awakening Alice–a sequel to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, was first published in the collaborative work Ghost on the Highway in 2006. She then went on to self-publish Awakening Alice along with its sequel A Ticket for Patience in an illustrated version, in 2007. Her next seven books: The Inter-Twinning and The Labyrinth of Empty (both part of a trilogy in progress), By Blood, By Moon, By Heart, By Sun, Empress Irukandji: The Case of Charlotte Sloan (book one of 5), Blood Mettle and The Quad followed in consecutive years. Future books (already in progress) include a prequel to By Blood, By Moon and By Heart, By Sun; the next five installments to the Case Files series; a mystical Victorian fox tale; an anthology of miscellaneous shorts, and The Open Book–the final installation to the Twins trilogy.

“I have always taken the art of pretending very seriously. I recall in many of my younger years, wanting to run away by hopping a circus train, if only to cure myself of acrophobia, by becoming a star tightrope walker. To appease this dream, I instead took up writing: I was eleven years old. Since then, it comes and goes, though I am pleased to say it is more in the coming…

I am pretty much the prisoner of my many muses. When I’m asked what genre I write about, I have to give credit where it’s due and say that my muses make that call. Romantic horror, absurdist fiction, surrealist fiction, Steampunk mystery, futuristic cautionary tales, fairytales gone awry, Vampyres, Lycans, supper club/mafia shenanigans--I do them all. It is my hope that I never fall into any one category; that when my books someday hit the stores, there will be meetings and debates on where my books are to be listed, until someone finally pipes up and says “They belong Everywhere.” I don’t want to write to thrill one particular audience. I don’t want to write to fill high-demand or popular subjects or fight for a place on someone’s Top Ten list. That is not what the art of writing is about.

I write for Myself and I write for You.”