So what’s been going on for the past seven months???

With the exception of January through the first week of May, while the semester still dominated my existence, I’ve been writing like mad to get as much done as I possibly can before the next semester starts. The Doll Collection: Volume Two is completed except for my final read through, just to make sure my editors and I didn’t miss anything pertinent. Three out of thirteen illustrations are left to be done (I’ve got Felix Eddy on board again!!), and the cover art. It’s looking like a late October release on this one–not entirely off schedule, so that is Great!

Some crazy news about Darling Orphan: The Case of Lucy Stewart–Book Five in The Case Files series: I found an artist to do the covers. Her name is Megan Luddy ( ) and she has some fantastic artwork! A few days ago, she completed the cover art and as soon as I tweak a few things with the text on the back and title on the front, I will post it here. Some really awesome news about the book itself: I have FINALLY put my nose to the grindstone on getting the manuscript done. This poor book has been back burnered so many times because of other projects, so I told myself that this was it–this summer I would get it done before I touched anything else, and I’ve actually stuck to it. I’m in the last 20 or so pages of what is already written (yes, that includes the end), and after some major overhauling of the entire book, I don’t think it’s going to take too much more to finish it up. Once I’ve done that, I’ll give TDC:V2 its last look over, format it, and get it as prepped as I can until the last of the art arrives, while D.O. rests.

Next up will be a short story for an anthology put out by Crazy 8 Press–Bad Ass Moms. I’m super excited to have been invited to submit something to this one! That has an actual deadline, so it will be my focus before giving Darling Orphan a read through and my first edit pass. As soon as those three projects are done and dusted, guess who’s coming back on board?? That’s right: As Fate Would Have It.  Those little vignettes have been (ahem) dying to come out, and since I’ve been in the mood to write dark comedy these past few months, I’m really looking forward to getting back into them! The goal is to complete them all and get them on their way.

After that–besides finishing up the last of D.O.–I have half the stories done for TDC:V3 (Oh, yes! I sure do!), so it seems like an obvious one to complete. I had hoped to get another novel done this year–either The Pound or another futuristic fantasy thing I’ve had bouncing around and partially written for a few years–but looks like it’ll be 2020 for either of those. Really, what comes next is anybody’s guess. There are so many books still locked away in my head, I just don’t know. The Case Files has 3 more books to go, so who knows? Maybe I’ll get the bug to work on one of those. Maybe the vignettes will get me going on some more dark comedy (wouldn’t bother me one bit!), or the doll stories will just keep coming. Or, something completely different.

In any case, stay tuned for the upcoming releases, and also check out the Events page. I just added shows from now through February 2020.