When It Rains, It Pours…Right out of the æther

I don’t usually write two blog posts in a day (or at least not for a while), but today turned out to be so much of a gem that I am compelled to make a return.

Firstly, the trip to the Gettysburg antiques flea market was so worth the drive! It only took me about an hour and change to go through the entire thing, but about thirty minutes in, I came across a vendor who had a terribly disheveled antique (late 1800’s) German doll: for FIVE DOLLARS. I really hadn’t wanted to get more after the one arrived last week from eBay (she’ll be enough of a restoration project!), but for Five Dollars?!?! I’ve seen many for sale at $100+ in worse condition, so I would have been a fool to leave her there. After I paid for her, the seller apologized because the doll’s eyes were stuck shut and haven’t opened for quite some time. I said I’d take a look at them once I got around to restoring her, though I did try to open them gently–they didn’t budge. I continued browsing. By the time I got to the car to return home…soooo, yeah–her eyes are blue. And open. I’m just going to chalk that up to the heat softening the paint on her “eyelids”. Not sure what has kept them closed up until the one hour mark after my owning her. She is yet without a name, but I’m sure that will change in no time at all.

Speaking of names: on my way to view a marionette production of “Treasure Island” this evening, I stopped to have a ham and brie crepe for dinner. I had originally planned on ice cream…but this was just down the street from where I parked and the theatre, so I figured why not? Lo and behold–the peculiar things that occur when I make such decisions! The gentleman who assisted me with my order IS the faceless, nameless character from Darling Orphan, in the flesh. I put him on the spot and asked his name–told him why I was asking–and asked if I could use it in my book. I’m not sure how he really felt about that but he seemed pleasantly amused. He has no idea how indebted I now am to him. I guess I should have mentioned that, at a minimum, he will show up in book 5 of The Case Files series. I honestly don’t doubt that he’ll turn up again in books 6-8 as well. It’s so Perfect. I couldn’t have planned that better had I tried!

Sometimes I absolutely adore the responsibility of being a vessel for all of these stories! It attracts all of the most interesting and lovely people.

Back to “Treasure Island”: an impressive performance, non-stop by one man at the end of many strings. Prior to anyone else showing up, I was let into the little museum and back stage to photograph at my leisure. There were many that caught my eye, but two in particular hanging over the workbench–they were facing each other and looked like they were kissing. I wanted to tell them, “Carry on–I won’t tell anyone”. Of course, they didn’t need my approval. And just like that, we’re up to six story lines for The Doll Collection: Volume 2. 

Unbelievable. Truly. How could life possibly get any better? I dare it to try.