Update Nightmares. Tech Is Not Savvy

I just spent about an hour trying to troubleshoot Word Press’s latest editor update. Wow. More bugs than the apocalypse. I figured it out and for not being a computer nerd, that’s a pretty big deal. We’ll see if this post makes it–that will be the true test.


Just coming off a four day weekend, most of which I spent by myself. Not previously the plan but that’s how it worked out. I’d sure like to NOT be alone for another holiday (starting New Years would actually suit me). I have had quite enough of my own company.

So, I spent it working on editing The Doll Collection: Volume Two. I’m down to the last story and knew going in that it was going to be a struggle. What it all boils down to is that it was inspired by that first big photo shoot back in July. I got the bulk of the story out just fine, but there is a dynamic between the two main characters that I could not make solid enough to hold. Why? Because I know one of them and I’m the other one. Stupidly, I opened my mouth way back when and told him about the story I had in mind (loosely). He was totally game for it. The problem is, I’m finding that those two characters must be a couple. Trying to force them not to be is damaging to the story. It just doesn’t work. I tried and in several ways, but they just have to be together on the page. So why did I resist? Really, I shouldn’t have cared and just went with letting it be what it needed to be. The fact is, anyone who reads this and knows him, knows of the photo shoot location, and props involved will know it’s him. I didn’t even bother changing his name–that’s how clearly defined he is. He wants to read this when it’s done, and of course that makes me nervous, but I’ll let him. The real problem: he’s also married… Do you see where this is going? I tried to force this story to be something it isn’t, for the sake of saving face (mine and his), because the relationship between “Chad” and “Lainey” doesn’t actually exist between him and me–and I REALLY don’t want anyone who knows either of us to think that it does. Quite a monkey wrench, isn’t it? The downside to short stories is that the muses who inspire the characters tend to stick hard. At least with writing novels, the characters eventually morph into their own deities, and any original influence as to who they are is replaced. Not so here. Not in the least. It’s….truly awkward. Anyhow, I’m about six pages into the rewrite and it’s somewhat more comfortable so far. I’ll keep going and see how things develop. Once it’s done and I’m satisfied with it, I’ll have to make the decision on whether to go ahead and forward it to him, or to just pretend we never made that deal…

Other updates:

More has been added to The Pound.  Not much, but definitely enough to get it moving again and at least 2 gaps have been filled. Aside from that, I poked around with a super old story a few nights ago. I had started revamping it months back–oh, it was so very, very bad!!! And was happy with where it was advancing to. The several pages I recently added are taking it in a nice direction. Not sure if it will ever be in print for public consumption–kind of a historical bodice-ripper type–but we’ll see. It sure does make me want to stow away on the ship of a rebellious prince, just to see what would happen though.