To focus, or not to focus

After a late morning of errands and cleaning house, I’m happy to report that both have been something of a success. I’m not thrilled, however, that in the last hour and a half, I’ve only managed to write about a page and a half. Granted, I’ve been up and down a bunch of times (getting lunch, getting chocolate, checking on the cat {who couldn’t care less, by the way}, putting lotion on my dry and burning hands, checking my eBay sales, checking Face-waste of time-book, day dreaming of very uncreative things, and altogether nothing else very important) so I’m not at all surprised that I’ve done so little. It is 3 o’clock already though, which means that I ought to get cracking and get something more written. I do believe finishing up one of my short-shorts for Patreon was on my list of things to accomplish today. That may be my best course of action at this point, just to launch myself off in a more creative direction. This feels like one of those days where I could dump out all of my Swarovski crystal bicone beads, and spend an hour or two sorting them by size and color. Not that I have a whole lot of them let, but I could get through a movie or two in that time. Which is also an idea that might not be a bad endeavor–watching a movie. I’m somewhat caught up on hearing the sound of a woman yelling someone’s name (in my head). It’s from a movie, but I cannot place which one, nor the name she’s yelling. If I at least had the name, I would be able to figure out the movie. I have considered looking through my movies to see if something jumps out at me, before moving on to watching any, but have yet to do it. Too easy? Probably. I may have to do it soon though, just to keep from being further distracted from my writing. Enough of that already! And this. Maybe I’ll write a third entry before the day is over. At least it keeps me amused.