“The Woman Screaming A Name” Mystery=SOLVED

Since I know everyone who read my last blog post was riveted and dying to know the answer to the ‘woman screaming a name‘ mystery, I went ahead and did some sleuthing. Lo, and behold–I figured it out. Now see–I knew it was a movie I’d watched recently, which ruled out Winona Ryder yelling “LUCY!” in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I also knew that it wasn’t Lily Cole from “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” yelling “ANTON!” (though I would have watched that one again, just because, as it’s one of my favorite films). I also knew (even though I have watched it recently) that it wasn’t Colin’s mother from “The Secret Garden” yelling ARCHIE!” that being because she yells it much too sweetly.

**Clearly I watch a lot of movies wherein some woman is yelling someone’s name. Makes me curious how many more have this scenario…

The winner was actually Gemma Arterton yelling “HANSEL!!!!!” in “Hansel and Gretel”. And yes, I do watch that movie now and then. So there now–we can all go to sleep tonight and for the next x# of nights until I come up with some other ridiculous mystery to solve.

I went ahead and watched that movie, followed it up with “Shade” (another good background movie and a good ‘revenge against backstabbing friends’ movie), and then “Crimson Peak”. This was my third viewing of “Crimson Peak” and I still like it at about 98%. As an authoress watching an authoress (or I suppose she would be considered a writer as she wasn’t yet published), I think how convenient it was that she got to write the story she ended up being in. How very postmodern, Mister del Toro! My greater thought to that was how very mundane my life is by comparison. Whether or not I choose to acknowledge the presence of ghosts in my world is certainly beside the point, and she had her manuscript all but done before her life began to imitate her art and vice versa–even if I started writing out the most surreal story ever (…Ahem….Twins Trilogy, thank you SO much!) it is a little disappointing that life is not quite so fantastical as this film. Close, but a little low on the factor that demands disbelief. An interesting realization in that as well. Several things this film makes me desire to do: visit and shop in antique stores (primarily for Victorian photographs), make a gown that has pearls or some other bead hanging in strands off of my shoulders, make a robe out of a super fringey piano scarf, find glasses that are more historical looking and will be stunning on me, practice writing with my fountain pen and type less, and lastly–point out to everyone how the movie bears both kinds of papillons (the kind with wings, and the kind that chases a ball and yaps).


And, I did this today (when I should’ve been writing..).

I had this lovely pendant on a necklace for a time and wore it once or twice. I didn’t figure I’d ever wear it again, so decided it would make a nicer art piece. So, that is silk velvet for the background–coincidentally the same fabric I used to make my Little Red Riding Hood costume years back. Kind of fitting, yes??? Anyway, this wolf lady amuses the heck out of me. I’ll have to find a place to put her. Of all of the crafty things I have done in the past, using figures (frozen Charlottes and the like) and metal findings/pressed tin and brass, etc. and mixing textures to create these little pictures, has got to be my favorite. And that they are small, I can make a dozen of these and stick them on the skinny wall spaces (between doorways…) where nothing else will fit. How very Victorian of me, to be so obsessive over covering wall space!

On that note, it’s nearing 10:30pm, and I need to make better effort at getting a little more writing done today. I believe I got a page down. It’s not nothing, but I know I can do better than that!

Like, maybe two…