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As some of you may know, I have a Patreon page wherein my readers can become patrons of my writing and make monthly donations toward my creative endeavors. These needs can include travel to events, vending fees for shows, and other related expenses. Donations also go toward restocking my inventory, the shipping of books and the cost of promotional materials (business and postcards).  As a self-published authoress, these expenses can otherwise be challenging to cover, and the last two years have indeed had an impact on my ability to be out as I’d like to promote my books.

Patreon patrons of $5+ per month are entitled to read pieces of my writing not readily available elsewhere. The most current pieces have been short-shorts based on my collection of Victorian photographs. Those who offer their support for 6 months or more are privy to additional rewards. Please see my Patreon page for details.

If you are interested in becoming a patron, please visit my Patreon page and sign up today!

If you are otherwise interested in helping out and don’t want to go through a third party, you are always welcome to donate via Paypal. Know that any such kindness is greatly appreciated and, at the very least, I do put acknowledgements in my books for these gifts.

All my best!

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As some of you know, I also make boutonnieres from old neckties. If interested in having me make some of these for you, or to buy pre-made (please inquire as to available inventory), I’ve had to update my pricing and the details of custom orders to set some guidelines. Please see below:

Pre-made (and this means, as they are pictured–cones and stems cannot be swapped. Please don’t even ask) : $10/each + shipping.

People have asked me if I will make custom flowers for them. Here’s the deal on that:

~Firstly–The price of custom flowers–no matter where the tie came from–are $15/each+shipping. Non-negotiable. Turn around time is TWO MONTHS.

~Secondly–I used to make leaves for these, and stopped because they add a LOT of time. The price did not reflect this and they are not worth it. If you got a flower with a leaf–Congratulations! It’s limited edition!! I have a few left in my inventory with leaves so if you’re dying to have a boutonniere with a leaf, buy one of those. I will not be making any more of those–not for any price. Please do not ask.

~Thirdly–I make boutonnieres, not long-stemmed flowers. I know a lot of people collect roses of different materials–I’m not a supplier of those. I’m sorry.

~Yes, I will make flowers for you from ties you bring to me, or if you request a color and I happen to find it and show it to you and you love it, you get first dibs. This does not mean my jumping in my car and going on a hunt specifically for you. With working full time, being in school, trying to finish writing/editing multiple books, and doing some of my own cover art, I don’t have enough hours or energy in the day.

~Flowers made via custom order are finished with Florist Tape (dark green, light green, brown, black, or white–subject to availability), or the Metal Cones you see in the pictures below (gold, gunmetal, or silver–subject to availability). I offer NO alternatives, so please do not ask. If you’d like to modify once the flower is in your possession, go for it! The #1 reason for my not doing this is time and resources. The #2 reason for this is–Do you really think I haven’t tried other options? Well, I HAVE, and they didn’t work for me. More power to you, if they work for you!

~Flowers are made from Neckties. NO fabric alternatives. NONE. It takes away from the charm of why I make these in the first place–they are made of Neckties, and I don’t duplicate patterns so they are Unique. Besides, many other fabrics are a pain to work with, and as a professional costume designer and seamstress, I know this better than people who are not of this ilk. As I make these by hand, I also get to make this decision.

~Wedding flowers: Price is $20 minimum/each+ shipping–FIRM. No matter where the ties came from. Minimum turn around time is FIVE MONTHS, regardless of number of flowers you need, and if you are sending the ties, the 5 month period starts when I receive them–not on the date that you ship them, and not on the date when we first talk about it–they MUST be in my hands before the clock starts. Why am I charging more for bridal boutonnieres? Because people planning for weddings do not know what they want and think it’s okay to change their minds partway through (go ahead and ask me how I know this). This price is for my trouble. It’s not negotiable. Remember: these are keepsakes and they are original and unique. A real flower boutonniere will run you $10+ and will die a few days later. $20 is pretty cheap for a keepsake.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.