Stories Blooming

Spring break ended far too quickly to suit me, but the upside is that it’s now closer to the end of the semester. Sort of a bad attitude to have about school, but the past 2 semesters have really infringed on my writing time, and I don’t appreciate that. I finally went from two jobs that killed my soul to one job that I do enjoy going to, but instead of having more time to write…okay, you do the math.

While my writing time has indeed been much less than desired, I have still managed to squeeze in a few little sessions–one recent one courtesy of a snow day. I do also find that if I can get my homework done for the week by Saturday (which it happens to be), I can usually write on Sunday. Well, I have an intimidating lab assignment for astronomy still to face today (and I will be getting to that shortly), but my fingers are crossed that tomorrow will be another good day to create.

What’s in the works:

The first three stories (“Mama”, “Secret”, and “Part’n’er”) forĀ The Doll Collection are done (sans editing on the last two). I have two more in progress (“Destiny” and “Fantasia”) and, should my ambition hold up for both getting homework done and tempting my muses, “Fantasia” may be done by the month’s end. I think this may be my favorite piece that I’ve ever written in my 33 years of the craft, and that’s saying something because I have had other favorites prior to its awakening. In addition to those five stories, I have ideas and some notes for five more. At the rate that the word count is unfolding (and it’s a total guess as to what it will end up being) I’m looking at about 100-120 pages. Since I’d like this to be a bigger book than that, I guess the ideas had better keep coming! I have it in mind to visit the Doll Museum in Philly some time just after the semester ends in early May. I think traveling for research is going to have to start getting scheduled (in addition to my vacations), since my authoress appearances are lighter than I care for them to be right now. That said, my next appearance is in May–the 16th–at the Midtown Scholar, 7pm.

Time to get to work so I can get to play!