Last night, in the middle of doing homework for my Human Biology class, the ending to “Staged” came together. It figures–having nothing to do with domains on down to species, or cellular structures or function (or does it?)–finally getting that piece to the puzzle now that the semester is dominating most of my life, well that is just typical. Not only that, but the story is threatening a complete rewrite. I’m not sure what exactly that will entail or what will be altered, but in regards to the post I made yesterday, the demographics of the original idea have shifted. It’s a hard compromise to ease it back into something that won’t spin off into months and months more of working on it (ie. a novel): I don’t have months and months. As it is, the energy being put toward this story feels farther and farther away and I’m feeling distressed about that. I can understand that over time it might happen–never so quickly as this.  As far as timing to get the story done, in whatever capacity, my saving grace in this moment is that there are still five illustrations (including the one for this story) and the cover to be done. That should at least buy me some time to figure out what is going on and what will be the best course for this story to take.

In the meantime, all other muses have grown quiet. I can’t say I’m surprised by this–school. Things are about to grow pretty dark, but I’ll keep trying to navigate through it, with or without the light.