Social Media Does Aspiring Writers Little In The Way Of Favors

(Posted this morning on my Facebook page)

Twitter has been notorious for memes and tweets about how “hard” and how much “work” writing a first draft of a book is.

Are you kidding me??? Maybe I’m doing it wrong then because that’s the sweetest cake walk I live! Sure, I have moments where the muses are stubborn and don’t want to talk, but with several dozen works in progress going at any given time, someone is always talking–I haven’t had the problem of not being able to come up with material to write for quite a while now. It certainly does not fall under the description of “work” or “hard”. So I totally do not understand these posted deterrents–and that is exactly what they sound like. Deterrents aimed at aspiring writers. It’s not a fucking club. Anyone with the passion to write should be encouraged to do so. They can decide as they navigate their path what is hard or what is work.

That said: being able to be patient to get through life’s other obligations until I can write again–That is hard. Being able to be satisfied enough with my manuscript while or after editing to let it move on to publication–That is work.

But first drafts? And even the first pass edit–those parts of the process are some of the most exciting moments of my life–that’s where the forgotten treasures are. If other authors want those stages to be hard or work, I am sorry for what they are missing out on.

Maybe it has to do with external expectations. I don’t make a living on my writing and I don’t care if I ever do–I get to write anything I want, whenever I want, on whatever book I want. Do you know how freeing that is?? It makes being true to myself in all aspects of life just a little easier, and it’s nice to be able to wake up every day and know that I can face that in peace. It has certainly taken long enough to arrive to this.

(Brought to you by the first chai latte I’ve had in several weeks.)

Time to go and PLAY! The final pages of “Trystan” are calling!