So Faaaaar behind….

Wow. A month and a half since I last posted here! While this should be a surprise to no one (especially me), it’s still a bit of a shock to realize that so much time has passed. I’d like to say that nothing is going on, but…No, I don’t ever like to say that! Things are going on!!!

In writing: I have many new projects going at the moment. Some are short stories, some are novels, some whose length are yet to be determined, and one is ever teetering on the edge of being a screenplay. I managed to finally finished up “As Fate Would Have It, Part One: She Who Doth Wicket the Bucket” and posted it for my Patreon supporters. In another month or so, I will release it on Kindle. Once all 8 are finished, I will publish them all in a hardcopy together. I’ve since added more to Part 2, but it’s not yet finished (of course). Also in writing news: shortly after Farpoint, a dear friend (also an author) contacted me about an anthology that was collecting pieces of flash fiction. Needless to say, I submitted a creepy little tale and it was accepted–Yes, I’m very excited about that! The release is slated for around July.  And lastly (I think): I have had to shelf Starbright for the time being, until I can come to terms with the fact that I need to kill off a character (and NOT bring him/her back!) for the good of the story. I guess I’m not yet willing to accept that, because I have come to a dead stop. I suppose this just frees up my tiny allotment of writing time for some other pieces until that one is ready. Or, until *I* am ready. It will be interesting to see which of my current works in progress takes hold and, as I am getting ready to take a quick weekend trip to NYC in a few days and two of those works happen there, I could be scribbling like mad on my train ride home!

If I haven’t mentioned it already, I have joined the awesome community of authors for the Shore Leave event taking place in Hunt Valley, MD in early July. As well, I will be presenting (subject to be determined) as a guest for the Steampunk Frederick (MD) event in mid-August.  Also added to my calendar (and working very backwards here!) is a one day event at the Cabinet Makers Books in Enola, PA on May 13th from 1-3. A link to the information: 

If you have trouble with the link, let me know. I will be sure to add links for the other events as well.

So there is a small update in the proverbial nutshell. I’m sure there will be more after this weekend, and it will just be a matter of when I can sit down to say something about it.