Quick dream check in

I don’t have a lot of time before I have to run off to my day job, but thought I’d start this morning off with a recap of my dreams. Most of them happened shortly before my alarm went off, and as usual, they were pretty weird. (Though I shouldn’t say that–there was a lull there for a while where they were absolute rubbish and nothing to speak of!). So this was multi-laytered and involved food. I know I’ve said it before and dream food Is The Worst! Whatever possessed me to try and eat a rice crispy treat–let alone one with chocolate on it (I actually loathe those in my conscious world)–I will never know. Typically, I will only eat those if I made them. Anyhow, in the dream they were stale–really stale. They had the consistency of styrofoam and way too much butter. I can still feel the sensation of it in the back of my throat. As I recall, there was a huge array of cookies and desserts in this part of the dream. The woman who was in control of the desserts as I stood there eagerly, waiting to consume them, said something about making a fruitcake, but she didn’t call it that. I was disappointed because that sounded pretty nasty compared to what was already made…Hard to imagine after the rice crispy incident, yes? I didn’t get to really eat anything else, though I did stick my hand into a rather large paper bag full of bent up wire clothes hangers, and found that there were also some really long french fries in there. (By long, think about a foot…I can only imagine the potatoes they came from!) I barely tasted one of those, but was holding an ash colored kitten and it seemed pretty interested in eating those.

I’m not sure about the rest of the dreams, as they are fading quickly…But I’ll give it a try. I was supposed to sit down to dinner at a restaurant–across the table from my guest–and we shared the table with other people. Very European. Before I could sit down, a pregnant woman shoved in front of me and took my seat. She spent a lot of time complaining about the food. I think I wandered off without getting to any of my dinner.

The last part I recall involved being in a room with Sean Connery. He was ‘gathering’ something for me, or looking over something I’d brought for him to inspect. He had one identical in his pocket–like a trifold leather case–bigger than a wallet. Mine held… I forget. His held a notebook. I was getting impatient and had seen him put mine in his pocket. I was just going to take it but when I put my hand on it, he said “You sure  that’s yours?” I believe I said yes. But when I pulled it from his pocket, he grabbed the neck of my sweater, gave it a hard twist (and that hurt a lot!) with his angry face in mine, and at least allowed me to open it to see that it was in fact his. I shoved it back into his pocket, stated “OH! I’m Done Here!” and freed myself before storming out–without my little wallet thing. Then there was some driving at night in the rain and wet snow on the ground…Ducking into a dollar store…a Chinese market… And something about having taken on a job in ‘conflict management’. Huh. That may have been the strangest part. I was really close to taking on my first client, who happened to be a former girlfriend of an ex-husband. I’m sure we would have had an interesting conversation or two, though I wouldn’t really have wanted to waste the breath.

All this ended with trying to take care of a man who looked like Benecio del Toro. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him–physically–but he got pretty nasty when I tried to trick him into yawning. Apparently it was supposed to help him breathe or relax or something. He split off into two people and while one got up and stormed away, the other remained and just whined and complained and kept ripping off his navy blue top sheet.

So, yeah–it’s good to be up, even though I’m not really ready to start my day just yet. Stupid as all of those dreams were, they were intense and I’m tired as I sit here sipping coffee and trying to mentally prepare for my day…I may try to get some material down for The Open Book before I go, though I am at a point of having to completely write a chapter. I have some notes for it, but not much. At least, up to this point, the book has 82 pages written without any gaps. I’m getting there!

**Evening edit/addition: The Open Book actually has 164 pages written. It’s just that from the beginning, the most I have without gaps, thus far, is 82. I hope to increase that by dozens of pages by the end of this coming weekend.