A quick update this morning before I head off into the world:

During my winter break, I took a 70 page story to an over 150 page book. Yes–I am shocked. I guess it was the right place to escape to! With the exception of one day this week, I’ve continued to add to it and have mapped out pretty much all of the missing chapters. The ending though….the ending….I have no idea how to end this one. I can’t say I’m hopping to start ANOTHER series, though now with the Twins Trilogy done, I guess I’m down to two open series at the moment…Make that three…I think I’ll just have to keep going on filling in the holes of this one and see how it goes. With The Case Files, I didn’t know it would be a series (8 books…sheesh!!) until well after the first one was out and had time to breathe for a while. This one may have to have some r&r time as well, if I do decided to elongate it with a follow up book or …five.

Somewhere around last weekend, I started up another story. It is not likely to go anywhere as-is. It’s one of those ‘exercise’ stories (Where can I go with this, I wonder??) but again, if some sort of metamorphosis takes place with it, it might be something someday. Back burner project, for sure.

As soon as I finish with the first book mentioned in this post (still no title, though Starbright may be the poorly named understudy for the time being), I am tentatively thinking of getting back to The Case Files. I think that was mentioned a few posts ago. I still don’t have enough material for it, but I do have a decent outline. I just need to be around the right group of people to be inspired (you know–the usual excuse) and so I can collect the right sort of tone to carry it through. On the off chance that I can finish up Starbright and get it off of my plate by March, Her Majesty has a good chance of getting done and out by fall. And then whatever else happens to come up. I’ve had some wacky dreams as of late, but nothing book-inspiring. I have been writing them down since January 1st, so you may end up with a book of dreams…IF I can be sure to write them ALL down for the whole year…Big IF, my friends.

So I finished up my 5 year journal/writing tracking journal. I did a lousy job writing every day, but in 5 years, I finished and published Nine books. I need to up the ante on that. I have been tracking my writing so far this year (all four days of it…), though I don’t have a new journal yet. This  is the one I would like to get:

Hopefully you can see that. Here’s a picture: 

Anyhow, the hope is to do better over the next 5 years…So far, so good.