Progress on The Doll Collection: Volume One

I am pleased to say that all of the illustrations forĀ The Doll Collection: Volume OneĀ are finished. I’ve gone ahead and put them into the manuscript, formatted everything, added the ISBN and uploaded it all to the printing site. All that remains is the cover art, which I may see in the next few days (?!?) I am beyond excited about that, and at the same time I am hoping that I don’t get it until some time next week. Why the delay? Because I need to be working on (and finishing) an essay for my World History class, and to get the cover art before Monday morning would mean putting everything aside to muck around with final formatting, uploading, troubleshooting, etc. As much as I hate to say it: it must wait until Monday at the soonest, and I’m not that disciplined. This is a book baby, after all. Those always come first, no matter what, and right now it can’t. I don’t think that will be a problem though–getting it before the week’s end.

In other things: I’ll be heading back to Erie again for my birthday, which is in two weeks. I am so frequently ditched around here that I figured I should spend my 45th with people who wouldn’t do that to me, so I’ll be seeing friends for just a few days. I won’t have a con to table, or a book to edit this time around, no plans at all. I do hope to go and sit on the beach again for a bit, since I didn’t have a chance the last time. Rain or shine, I will be on that sand, looking at the waves and contemplating upcoming life choices. It’s weird to think that in the next two weeks probably nothing significant will happen, just the usual: work, sort of sleep, do homework. Rinse, repeat. But everyone knows that life can change in a single moment, and drastically sometimes. I’ll take a positive drastic change–I could use one. And if it involves moving away from here, all the better.

Side note and apropos of nothing: I love being able to daydream. I don’t much get to do it right now because school demands that I think of nothing else, even when I am driving or just sitting and trying to have a moment to myself. I managed a few little sweet ones involving a train ride, a chance meeting, a silver fox, and a new beginning to the rest of my life. It was so sweet and exact. If only…

If only.

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