Progress on the Anthology

Time has been flying and so have the words from the deep recesses of my brain. The semester officially ended for me last Saturday, and I have been working ever more on The Doll Collection. Since my last post, “Marioncide” and “Sisters” have been completed. I’m currently working on “Wanted” and expect to finish it up either tonight or tomorrow. That leaves just two more stories: “Babees” and “Loyalty”. That is, unless any new ideas pop up while I’m in the editing process or before this book is completed. I’m not opposed to doing a second volume, should more and more ideas present themselves, but as I said previously, I’m really eager to get back to Darling Orphan. Lots of loose ends needing tied up there. And also, again, As Fate needs a swift kick forward. Another illustration has arrived, so out of 8, I believe I now have half of them–and only 2 of the vignettes are completed. Well, eek! to that! I am grateful that things are holding steady though, and my muses are being kind enough to let me complete some projects before invading with new ideas. Though, book 6 for The Case Files is starting to edge in more and more. At least I can say that it’s a trickle there. My muse for Aya Hauke showed up in a dream this morning, however, and if he does that much more then I am going to find myself caught up in the thick of book 6 and without much choice in the matter. (Not a bad thing–just trying to really wrap up some old before getting into some new!)

AutomataCon is next weekend– !!!!! I’m starting to get a little on the ridiculous side with my excitement about that. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m just happy that I am so looking forward to it. It’s something totally new and I can’t even imagine what I will really see there–more so, what I will come away with! How does one prepare for that??? I suppose I should just be sure I really do have a good, clean notebook and several pens with me! And probably some cash.