One Leap Ahead

I finished my first pass edit on Starbright a few days ago, and one of my beloved editors already sent back the first 192 pages (out of 299) with her notes. There were a few little snags to sort out, but all in all, it wasn’t terribly painful to get through. If all continues to go smoothly (and as long as I can get the cover done!) Starbright will be done before the end of the year. There will be an official launch party for it at Far Point 2018, but don’t think you can’t order it ahead of time!

I have been working hard on my homework in order to get ahead just enough that I can have this coming weekend to not even think about it–it will still be tough, as I have a paper due next Wednesday… OHHHH, how I hate writing papers! I am taking a train up to Stockton, NJ for River Reads, and it is my hope that I can devote the time on the train to working on a new piece of writing (or two), or just spend the four hours round trip staring out the window. It will be dark upon my return, so I’m sure I will be writing then.

There is probably more than I could say, but after having just finished up a not-so-great paper this evening and submitting it to my professor, I don’t think my thoughts are really much into it.

Carry on.