New Year, New Accomplishments

Off to a decent start here. On New Year’s Eve, I finished another story for The Doll Collection series–“Within”. Since I was having so much trouble with “Cradled”, and “Within” was needing to be finished, I went ahead and did it. It took the better part of the evening, but it was very much worth it. Probably the most cathartic writing experience I’ve had so far, and it helped me to shed a whole lot of emotional dead weight. It feels really good. That said, I have definitely picked Darling Orphan: The Case of Lucy Stewart back up–again. This time for good. I’m about 55 of 245 pages into rereading it so I can get back into the vibe. The ending is written and I know there are about half a dozen scene gaps. My rough assessment is that 30-50 pages more will finish the first draft. I cannot tell you how glad I will be to have this one done! I have also recently found an artist to do the cover, and that is a major motivator for wrapping this one up. I’m pretty excited and hopeful about it. Should be an October release (as seems to be about the usual for this series). I’m not sure why that is, but what can I say? Should all go well with the artwork for that, and the illustrations and cover art for The Doll Collection: Volume Two, I’m looking at at least 2 new books out for this year. My part in both should be complete no later than March, so I guess that means 1-2 more books on top of that could easily happen. The Pound….Definitely at the top of the list. Since I can do the cover for that one myself, it should be an easier accomplishment. As for whatever the 4th book…. I’m not sure yet. It would probably be wise to do another one I can complete on my own, cover wise. It’s not cheap, paying artists–Nor should it be!

Nothing much else going on. FarPoint is a month away and I’m ready for that!

I hope this New Year brings all good things to those reading this.