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My thoughts haven’t traveled very far since yesterday. Never mind that I have taken two Hx quizzes, read half a chapter on Ancient India, and gone through half a lecture on DNA and RNA, and more and more I feel like going into science–if only my mathematical skills were sharper. The rest of my thoughts? Still back on Sunday. This is why I get to have such high-highs and plummet to the lowest of lows. Though this time it feels a little more like I’m just trying to relish the sweetness of a few days ago, in the hopes that it will replicate in the near future. It’s about time for that, as my quota for other nonsense has been saturated. Nope! No more of the darkness, thanks. Maximum capacity has been filled. Here: take your change and go…

~I see that the rambling part hasn’t stopped~

Maybe it’s because I woke up in the middle of the night again, for no good reason. I read somewhere that when you have insomnia, it’s because someone is dreaming about you. Well, I don’t know about that, but if it’s true, I sure hope it was a good dream. I’ll never know–people don’t share that kind of stuff with me. That’s a ME thing–that’s something I do, and it freaks people out. Too bad. Get over it. Here’s hoping I can maximize the sleep pressure throughout today and actually stay unconscious for all of tonight. It would be one thing if I could make myself get up and be productive when the rare (and hopefully not trending) case of insomnia hits, but I can’t. I don’t. I just lie there in bed and think too much about the same things that consume my thoughts during the day. At least it isn’t with this:

Yeah, you’re welcome. I guess there’s a little bit of sadism that comes with not sleeping normally. And I was just beginning to enjoy it, too. (Normal sleep, that is. Everyone knows that I’m a masochist for all and who I’ve tolerated in this life.)

I’m about halfway through my homework for the week (half-ish?) and since it’s halfway through the week, I guess that sounds about right. I must get it done by Friday though, because Saturday at Clocktoberfest will be a wash, and I need as much of Sunday as I can spare to do final edits on “Staged”. An inexplicably MIA muse makes the process painful, so the sooner it’s completely down in a manuscript, the sooner it’s out of my head forever. It would also be nice to get back to The Pound. Granted, the many stories for volumes 2-4 of The Doll Collection need working on, but I’m not “there” at the moment. It might take a few more weeks of watching The Twilight Zone episodes, or more Tales from the Crypt. Whatever it is, the current playground feels kind of tainted so stepping away from it for a while is for the best. Might as well try and make the readers of The Quad happy and get cracking on delivering its sequel. A lot of the story is, at the very least, mapped out–just needs an ending. Preferably an ENDING, and not another lead-in to a third book. Dear gods, the multi-volume series are taking over. I have another writing project (already in progress and without a title thus far) that could easily be book three and–I really should refrain from doing that. The tone is actually different, so it won’t be the third book, even if it still carries the theme of “3” in it.

Blah blah blah. It feels like one of those days. Speaking of series: I have a feeling that there is going to be a stretch of days like this. The only upside is that there’s a certain numbness to it all, and compared to how raw I felt Monday and yesterday, I’m okay with this. I’ll take it. It’s still not quite out of the blues, but it’s quieter. Preferably not in a “misery loves company” kind of way, it would be nice to know that I’m not alone in any of this. Wishful thinking–one of my greatest talents thus far.


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