Middle of the Middle

Over the weekend, I finished The Open Book as promised. During the winter break (as I won’t be in school and don’t yet have a back up job, so may just be home for the entire time), I will be editing so I can get the book released before the end of the year. It may be on December 31st at 11:59pm EST, but it will be before the end of the year, nonetheless. Finally: number 14.

Beyond that book, I still haven’t picked up my writing again. I have opened several works in progress, read a few lines and then closed them again. I’m pretty undecided as to what book to work on next so that doesn’t help the process. Sometimes my muses are kind in times like this and they eventually start to speak up…like just as I’m getting into hard editing, so I won’t be at all surprised if they start chattering in about two weeks! I have taken a look at the remaining books in The Case Files series, and I’m glad I did. In sticking to the theme of ‘most recent–working backwards through time’, I’ve come to realize that Darling Orphan wouldn’t actually come next as Book 4, but rather, #5 or even #6, and, that being said, I will go with what was supposed to be #5 and move it up to #4…Too many numbers there. Well, I know which one is next at this point, so that’s important. It will be interesting to see what new material is added to it between whenever I pick it up and when it ends, as it will greatly impact which of the next three will come immediately after. There is some overlap with 4,5 & 6 as with Lord Spencer and Captain Hauke, but whichever goes back farther will be the one that comes in at #6… Okay. Enough of the birth order of this series.

Almost another week has gone by since my last post, and still no luck with a second job or finding a closer place to my one job to move to. I’m more than a little bit under the gun to acquire a second job for obvious reasons, but also because I have three trips for 2017 in mind and they will have to be paid for in some way.  Fortunately, there is some spacing in between, but the months in which they are to happen will arrive quickly, so time is of the essence. And, should I be able to get the Head Start+second job scenario to work out, one of those trips will involve a cross-country train ride SO–lots of work to make that happen coming up.