Welcome Back!

After some technical difficulties, I’m back up and running again.

Some new things on the horizon:

I will be at the Steampunk Farmer’s Market in New Freedom, PA on August 28th.

I will also be at Steampunk unLimited in Strasburg, PA in mid-October.

Anthology, A Potagerie of Rejects is still in the works and still slated for an Autumn release.

I have been steadily working on Book Three in The Twins Trilogy–The Open Book–for the past two weeks and have made significant progress with it. I’m still hoping for an Autumn release on this one as well (preferably in time for the Steampunk unLimited event!) There are some other related happenings with this trilogy that I will talk about once I have it sorted. Know that I’m pretty excited about the prospects.

That’s it for the moment. Definitely more to come soon!