Getting back into this blog thing

Since the weekend and my first ‘new blog’ post, I’ve been dedicating a good bit of time to The Open Book. After having put it off for a couple of years now, the right kind of material is starting to come, and putting forth some diligence has made it a bit easier to continue working on it as well. I think part of what got the fire going, was in realizing that The Inter-Twinning came out nearly EIGHT years ago, and The Labyrinth of Empty, seven. That’s a really long time to have a trilogy just hanging around, unfinished. I know there are several other authors out there who have done this to their readers, but as part of my integrity as an authoress, I am trying much harder now not to do that to anyone. It’s humbling enough to know that people even want to read my work at all. The least I can do is keep things rolling along and provide installments to longer stories (or a series, in this case) in a more timely manner. Thankfully, it’s only been a year and three months since the most recent book came out for The Case Files series–I have a little more breathing room to catch up. Of course, I’m writing all five of the remaining books at the same time, so one could expect that it’s going to take just a touch longer. Still, I would like to bring Book 4 to fruition sooner rather than later.

At any rate, it feels good to be back in the saddle again where this trilogy is concerned. I have lost track of what questions my readers had raised regarding the twins and their experiences, but think I am sufficiently addressing anything that might have come up. It has been a fun experience so far, in the sense that (after so many years having gone by) I’ve had to go back and reread the first two books, just to be sure I don’t miss any details for the third that might be important. Funny thing–I so perfectly set up certain moments and details that I’d forgotten about, or didn’t even realize were going to be crucial, that in writing The Open Book and while rereading the other two, things are meshing in some really stunning ways. More than once already, I’ve said to myself–out loud–“Ohhh, holy crap!! No way! This is awesome!!!” I think moments like those are what make the more tedious parts of writing a book worth while. I wish I could be a fly on the wall as my books are read by others, to see if they have the same sentiments to those moments. If you’re reading this and that does happen to you, feel free to let me know!

Over the past few months, and prior to getting back to work on The Open Book, I’ve still been writing–just nothing that is a sure thing when it comes to finishing and publishing. One of these projects is a 19-teens set story of a housemaid who takes on a position as an assistant to an eccentric, thinking she’s just going to take care of his household and such, and not traveling all over the world and hell’s half acre.  That one went along pretty impressively for a good 11+ typed 8.5×11″ pages, and then it turned into something weird. It’s on hold. Another piece I got into involved a young heiress and her family and that one also–quickly–got weird. I think that one topped off around 80 handwritten pages before I stopped. The last one is a real oddball for me–very fantastical and not my norm. There are five different types of peoples in this one, including a kind of witches, a species of bat-winged humanoids, and talking animals. Definitely not my m.o., nor somewhere I wanted to explore in the literary world (normally, that sort of thing bores me to tears–sorry about that!), but a pretty bizarre dream kicked that one off and I wrote until I couldn’t write anymore. 8.5×11″ pages, typed=18 pages as a result. I may finish that one at some point, just because it is so strange and I think the cover art would be fun. I also think it could gain some mileage by being illustrated. Who knows? With enough nudging and interest, I might put forth more effort on it and let it to you all.

A Potagerie of Rejects was coming together nicely. It’s up to 117 pages thus far, and will gain another 10 at the least. I think my plan for it was to let it run until the end of August and whatever there was of it, was where I would stop, edit, and release as soon as it was ready. That’s still a pretty good plan, I think. I know of about 3 pieces I would like to finish for it, and then whatever else develops between now and the cut off. It’s a weird one. I think it will be a good book for when you just have a minute or two to read something, as opposed to my longer books that suck you in and the next thing you know, it’s morning. Not that have any problem with that kind of response!

A thought on future book-related events that I had today: I haven’t applied for either the new version of Wicked Faire or the Steampunk World’s Fair, even though they sent out their alerts a while ago already, and I probably won’t. In addition to there just being no funds to front some pretty high fees (and never making back my expenses in sales), I realized while thinking about this today, that it’s just not fun anymore. When I go to a show and sell, and that is all I am there to do, it’s no longer about my writing–it’s about begging for a buck. And the only one who (strictly in theory) gets anything out of it (not counting the event), is me–or at least, I’m supposed to. That’s not why I write. This sort of operation goes really harshly against my grain as an Authoress. If that was all that mattered to me, I’d take the abuse of approaching all the publishing houses out there, rather than self-publishing at my leisure and with full control over my projects. If I am going to show my face at a show–books in hand–and expect people to buy them, well, then I certainly hope to offer a whole lot more! I should be speaking at events–whether that means I’m doing readings, speaking on panels regarding writing and the process, or holding writing workshops. I can no longer swallow the idea of standing behind a table for 3 days to peddle, without a least one of those other three factors being present. Granted, the Steampunk Farmer’s Market isn’t the sort of show to have those factors, but it’s also a one-day event, and people will stop and talk to me about my books because it is their one shot at it. They won’t have 3 days to become overstimulated and mill around like non-commital zombies, who are overwhelmed and don’t give a damn about what I’ve bled, sweated and cried over. At least the Steampunk unLimited event holds readings. There, I have a fighting chance. That all being said, I will be a lot more particular over the shows I choose to be a part of. It is unfortunate that so many other shows have fallen from my grace, because I do love the travel and talking to people. But again–I don’t want the only thing I’m focused on saying to patrons is ‘Buy my book‘ with a desperate, pathetic look on my face, because the event didn’t bother to promote my being there. I think we all have a lot more to share in a conversation. Besides, my books should sell themselves, as I know they can.

I think that’s it for now. More to come, so please send the inspirational juju and let’s see about a new book baby by Autumn!