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New Year…Again

Wow, I’ve really been terrible with keeping up with this. Marketing (including blogging) has never been my strong suit. Well, here I am to make an update and I’ll try to pick up where I left off over the summer.

I believe the last thing I posted was that the cover of Darling Orphan: The Case of Lucy Stewart was completed and I was hoping to get back into finishing the manuscript. Good news: I did. I just started the first round of edits a few weeks ago, but since I’m taking a winter course, I don’t have the entire five weeks of break before the spring semester begins–just one, and it’s coming up as of the 14th of this month. More good news though: not getting to it right away has allowed my eyes (and mind) to be far enough away from the book that looking at it now seems to go smoothly. Even the parts I’ve read a million times are tolerable for a millionth and one pass. That said, I will see what I can knock out during the upcoming week I have free for it. At this rate, I’m hoping to pull off an early summer release.

The manuscript for The Doll Collection: Volume Two is ready to go. All illustrations are also completed, so I’m just waiting for the cover art at this point. As I may have mentioned, Felix Eddy-McLean is doing this once again, so it will be amazing for sure.

A few weeks ago, I finished a short story called “Shape Up Or Ship Out” for a Crazy 8 Press anthology called Bad Ass Moms. That should be out in early July. Speaking of Crazy 8 Press: I was also invited to submit a short story for the second volume of Thrilling Adventure Yarns (in the fashion of old pulp novels), and coincidentally, I just finished a story called “Dead Drop”, which I’m pretty excited about. Just working on tightening that one up. I may have to cut about 4k words, but we’ll see how it goes.

Those are the major pieces I’ve been able to work on here and there. Sadly, I had no new releases in 2019, which means I need to really get cracking for this year. As previously mentioned, I’d love for As Fate Would Have It: Eight Tales of Certain Absurdity to be one to come out this year. Six out of eight of the illustrations are completed, as well as two of the stories. All the rest are in progress, though I’ve got to find a way to get back in the mood to write them. Dark comedy does take a special kind of inspiration.

Whatever else will be released this year is anyone’s guess at this point. I have quite a lot of irons in the fire (The Pound, TDC:V3, TDC:V4, TDC:V5, and many others), so I guess as usual it will be a matter of what’s clamoring to be completed. Could be something already in progress, could be something brand new. With a few new (and really great) muses on the fore, new projects could start stacking up quickly.

Additionally, there is looking to be some travel in a few months. Three events are already confirmed and on the books, so I’m looking forward to all of that. A change of scenery could spark even more ideas and I sincerely welcome all of it.


So what’s been going on for the past seven months???

With the exception of January through the first week of May, while the semester still dominated my existence, I’ve been writing like mad to get as much done as I possibly can before the next semester starts. The Doll Collection: Volume Two is completed except for my final read through, just to make sure my editors and I didn’t miss anything pertinent. Three out of thirteen illustrations are left to be done (I’ve got Felix Eddy on board again!!), and the cover art. It’s looking like a late October release on this one–not entirely off schedule, so that is Great!

Some crazy news about Darling Orphan: The Case of Lucy Stewart–Book Five in The Case Files series: I found an artist to do the covers. Her name is Megan Luddy ( ) and she has some fantastic artwork! A few days ago, she completed the cover art and as soon as I tweak a few things with the text on the back and title on the front, I will post it here. Some really awesome news about the book itself: I have FINALLY put my nose to the grindstone on getting the manuscript done. This poor book has been back burnered so many times because of other projects, so I told myself that this was it–this summer I would get it done before I touched anything else, and I’ve actually stuck to it. I’m in the last 20 or so pages of what is already written (yes, that includes the end), and after some major overhauling of the entire book, I don’t think it’s going to take too much more to finish it up. Once I’ve done that, I’ll give TDC:V2 its last look over, format it, and get it as prepped as I can until the last of the art arrives, while D.O. rests.

Next up will be a short story for an anthology put out by Crazy 8 Press–Bad Ass Moms. I’m super excited to have been invited to submit something to this one! That has an actual deadline, so it will be my focus before giving Darling Orphan a read through and my first edit pass. As soon as those three projects are done and dusted, guess who’s coming back on board?? That’s right: As Fate Would Have It.  Those little vignettes have been (ahem) dying to come out, and since I’ve been in the mood to write dark comedy these past few months, I’m really looking forward to getting back into them! The goal is to complete them all and get them on their way.

After that–besides finishing up the last of D.O.–I have half the stories done for TDC:V3 (Oh, yes! I sure do!), so it seems like an obvious one to complete. I had hoped to get another novel done this year–either The Pound or another futuristic fantasy thing I’ve had bouncing around and partially written for a few years–but looks like it’ll be 2020 for either of those. Really, what comes next is anybody’s guess. There are so many books still locked away in my head, I just don’t know. The Case Files has 3 more books to go, so who knows? Maybe I’ll get the bug to work on one of those. Maybe the vignettes will get me going on some more dark comedy (wouldn’t bother me one bit!), or the doll stories will just keep coming. Or, something completely different.

In any case, stay tuned for the upcoming releases, and also check out the Events page. I just added shows from now through February 2020.

New Year, New Accomplishments

Off to a decent start here. On New Year’s Eve, I finished another story for The Doll Collection series–“Within”. Since I was having so much trouble with “Cradled”, and “Within” was needing to be finished, I went ahead and did it. It took the better part of the evening, but it was very much worth it. Probably the most cathartic writing experience I’ve had so far, and it helped me to shed a whole lot of emotional dead weight. It feels really good. That said, I have definitely picked Darling Orphan: The Case of Lucy Stewart back up–again. This time for good. I’m about 55 of 245 pages into rereading it so I can get back into the vibe. The ending is written and I know there are about half a dozen scene gaps. My rough assessment is that 30-50 pages more will finish the first draft. I cannot tell you how glad I will be to have this one done! I have also recently found an artist to do the cover, and that is a major motivator for wrapping this one up. I’m pretty excited and hopeful about it. Should be an October release (as seems to be about the usual for this series). I’m not sure why that is, but what can I say? Should all go well with the artwork for that, and the illustrations and cover art for The Doll Collection: Volume Two, I’m looking at at least 2 new books out for this year. My part in both should be complete no later than March, so I guess that means 1-2 more books on top of that could easily happen. The Pound….Definitely at the top of the list. Since I can do the cover for that one myself, it should be an easier accomplishment. As for whatever the 4th book…. I’m not sure yet. It would probably be wise to do another one I can complete on my own, cover wise. It’s not cheap, paying artists–Nor should it be!

Nothing much else going on. FarPoint is a month away and I’m ready for that!

I hope this New Year brings all good things to those reading this.

Update Nightmares. Tech Is Not Savvy

I just spent about an hour trying to troubleshoot Word Press’s latest editor update. Wow. More bugs than the apocalypse. I figured it out and for not being a computer nerd, that’s a pretty big deal. We’ll see if this post makes it–that will be the true test.


Just coming off a four day weekend, most of which I spent by myself. Not previously the plan but that’s how it worked out. I’d sure like to NOT be alone for another holiday (starting New Years would actually suit me). I have had quite enough of my own company.

So, I spent it working on editing The Doll Collection: Volume Two. I’m down to the last story and knew going in that it was going to be a struggle. What it all boils down to is that it was inspired by that first big photo shoot back in July. I got the bulk of the story out just fine, but there is a dynamic between the two main characters that I could not make solid enough to hold. Why? Because I know one of them and I’m the other one. Stupidly, I opened my mouth way back when and told him about the story I had in mind (loosely). He was totally game for it. The problem is, I’m finding that those two characters must be a couple. Trying to force them not to be is damaging to the story. It just doesn’t work. I tried and in several ways, but they just have to be together on the page. So why did I resist? Really, I shouldn’t have cared and just went with letting it be what it needed to be. The fact is, anyone who reads this and knows him, knows of the photo shoot location, and props involved will know it’s him. I didn’t even bother changing his name–that’s how clearly defined he is. He wants to read this when it’s done, and of course that makes me nervous, but I’ll let him. The real problem: he’s also married… Do you see where this is going? I tried to force this story to be something it isn’t, for the sake of saving face (mine and his), because the relationship between “Chad” and “Lainey” doesn’t actually exist between him and me–and I REALLY don’t want anyone who knows either of us to think that it does. Quite a monkey wrench, isn’t it? The downside to short stories is that the muses who inspire the characters tend to stick hard. At least with writing novels, the characters eventually morph into their own deities, and any original influence as to who they are is replaced. Not so here. Not in the least. It’s….truly awkward. Anyhow, I’m about six pages into the rewrite and it’s somewhat more comfortable so far. I’ll keep going and see how things develop. Once it’s done and I’m satisfied with it, I’ll have to make the decision on whether to go ahead and forward it to him, or to just pretend we never made that deal…

Other updates:

More has been added to The Pound.  Not much, but definitely enough to get it moving again and at least 2 gaps have been filled. Aside from that, I poked around with a super old story a few nights ago. I had started revamping it months back–oh, it was so very, very bad!!! And was happy with where it was advancing to. The several pages I recently added are taking it in a nice direction. Not sure if it will ever be in print for public consumption–kind of a historical bodice-ripper type–but we’ll see. It sure does make me want to stow away on the ship of a rebellious prince, just to see what would happen though.

Creative Cruise Control

I have no idea if that’s an appropriate title or not. I rolled out of bed about ten minutes ago, it’s still dark outside, and I have a new cat (Lady Sif) who is SO excited to be here as of last night, that neither of us slept much. She has a nice little meow that sounds like a crow giving input to court, but it’s thankfully soft in volume. I think she is at least in part rag doll; all ashy gray and long-haired. She’s sweet and her feline craziness trait is fully intact. She is sweet though. It’s strange shifting gears from having Louie, to an empty apartment, to having a new fur baby. Good…but very strange.

Writing: The semester ended on Friday. For me, it was done on Tuesday. I’ve been cruising through my first pass edits of the stories for The Doll Collection: Volume Two at surprising speed. Out of 13 stories, I have 5 left to go through. All of the finished ones have been sent to one of my editors and I have sent descriptions, etc for the first two stories to Felix for illustrations. The manuscript should be done before the end of the year. As soon as the illustrations are done (could be spring…) this book will be out. 

As soon as that is all out of my hands, I will move on to the next project. At this point, it’s a toss up between continuing with The Doll Collection series, or moving on to get The Pound completed. I have less bits and inspiration for the latter, but there is more of a need for it to be finished. It is going to require more and longer stretches of uninterrupted focus, whereas the short stories are a little more easily done in quick stints. In all honesty, I should finish Darling Orphan first. It has been a while since I worked on it and I might be removed enough from some of the more personally painful elements that I can push through and get it done. Maybe. It would be nice. I don’t have an artist lined up for the cover art, so that is a slight deterrent. “Write it and they will come“. Maybe that’s how it will work for this one. 

That’s about all I have going at the moment. The short stories keep getting stranger and stranger. This isn’t at all a bad thing and definitely not surprising, except that I’m impressed by the things I seem to be tapping into. It sure is a deep one, my psyche, and the lines that are connecting with other peculiar consciousness, quite strong.

Win some, lose big

This is going to be a less than peppy post,  just to give a quick update on my works in progress and a life-changing event. Short on detail because I’m really just trying to hold it together and hide in a little bit of denial for a little longer.

The writing: I’ve officially decided which stories will go into The Doll Collection: Volume Two and have since finished “Again” and “Sting”. I believe those were the last two still in progress. There might have been another one, but I exchanged it for a finished one destined for TDC: V3.  As soon as the semester is over (December 14th, officially), I’ll get to the editing. In the meantime, I might sneak a bit of work in on some of volume 3’s unfinished pieces, just so I can try to stay sane. The remaining work for school (especially this week) is going to be heavy and I have already lost a day to work on it…

Right in the middle of my “vacation” away for the holiday, I received word that Louie passed away. For anyone who doesn’t know who that is, she was my cat of 19 years. I had her for all but the first 2 months of her life. She has been the only being to actively be in my life for that length of time, which even outweighs my childhood, considering that I left home almost immediately after turning 17. At her age, it wasn’t unexpected but I wasn’t home at the time and I’m devastated. This has pretty much left me with a very empty apartment (since I hardly feel like this is home) and certainly with no emotional support except what people on the fringes can stop and give here and there during the busyness of their lives. It’s all I can do not to lose it, and I have to go back to work tomorrow. I have no idea how I’m going to do it… I got home from my trip on Saturday and had to figure out what to do with her. Nothing felt right about having her cremated and I’m not “allowed” to bury her in the bit of yard where I live. It didn’t feel right to do that anyway either–I don’t plan to stay here, so why would I want to intern her here? I made a split second decision to drive up to Erie yesterday morning and take her to a good friend’s house (she has a yard and burial was okay to do). Erie is also where Louie was born, so it seemed like the right thing to do. People will probably think it was stupid of me to make a 12 hour round trip drive for a cat, but when she’s the only one to have stuck by me for so long and shared in my ups and downs, you’d better believe I’d do it. I just couldn’t put her into the hands of a stranger. I just couldn’t. It was excruciating to dig a hole in the cold ground, in the dark, after being in the car for a chunk of the day, and then to hold her for those last few moments…But it was less cruel than the alternative. It’s bad enough that I wasn’t home when she died. The least I could do was bury her myself. There is a little bit of peace that came with that.

It was a turn and burn road trip, as I arrived back home this afternoon. I’m exhausted and distraught and feel like I’m splashing around in a dark ocean where I have nothing to grab onto and my feet can’t touch the bottom. IT. FEELS. AWFUL. I keep looking for her–watching my step, because I’m so used to having to do that with her here. I am expecting any minute to have her come to me to let me know it’s time to start our nighttime routine…but she’s not going to. Here I am, completely alone now, and nothing I can do to change it in this moment. Everything feels so empty, and so raw at the same time. As usual, there’s no one to even offer their embrace, and always when I need it most. That I have to still be here to live through that repeatedly is cruel. I will be drowning myself in my stories, hiding behind my characters and their tales, until the universe decides to be nice for a change.

Before leaving Erie this morning, I located the grave of an ex-boyfriend who died two years ago of cancer. We didn’t part on good terms, and I’d not forgiven him for some of the stuff he said and did to me. He is not the worst of people I’ve suffered time with–not by a long shot, but I’ve still held a grudge for about 17 years. At least I was able to let that go over the past few days. At least that anchor is gone. He was still a jerk and he was still mean, but I’ve forgiven him and the graveside visit gave me closure. At least we have that. If there’s any truth to the whole energy bit, there’s now a gaping space with that awful weight gone. It would sure be nice for it to be replaced with something loving. There is certainly now the room for it, and if karma exists, I think I’ve paid quite a hefty penance already. I deserve better than what I keep getting.


Bring On Volume Two!

I’ve been trying off and on all day to get some writing done–all homework pushed to the side for once (well, until tomorrow, anyway)–so I could get into a daydreamy mindset instead. I actually got down two pages for “Dumb”,  before realizing that it will go into The Doll Collection: Volume Three, not #2. So, I set that aside and went back to working on “Sting”. That poor story keeps getting set on the back burner, and funny thing–I actually have a tender fondness for this one, and it should be worked on before any others! Well, it’s about half done at this point. I’ve been poking along at it and added 2.5 pages today. What is stumping me at the moment, is that I keep stopping to look at pictures of Monte Carlo (where part of the story takes place). Really: wouldn’t it just be easier to go there and see it for myself? Then I could write from the experience.

What was that about a “daydreamy mindset”? I guess travel plans are bound to slip in there as well, and why not? I would actually love to go there–it looks beautiful. I keep saying it, and I’ll say it again: I need to update my passport, STAT. Maybe for more reasons than just leisurely travel…

I did just learn recently that there is such a thing as a writer’s visa for the UK. I certainly don’t make enough money to support myself by selling books (sadly), but if I did, you’d better believe I’d give that a whirl. I could definitely use a foreign change of scenery. Preferably for more than a week, and with an amazing travel companion. I’m back to believing that this is possible. Until then, back to the weaving.

Before I do that though: I had a quick chat with my artist for The Doll Collection and Felix will be starting on the illustrations for Volume Two later this month. I’m ecstatic about that! Winter break will be spent focusing on getting my first pass edits done on the stories for that, and getting rough sketches for the illustrations sent to her. Since I’ve done some shuffling around of stories between volumes 2 and 3, I do have two other tales besides “Sting” to get done. If I can fit it in, I’ll be finishing it up tomorrow. “Indeed” and “Again” will get written shortly thereafter.

All right, enough of the blah blahing.

Finally: Book Baby #17

For whatever reason, this is the longest it has ever taken for one book to be printed and shipped–two weeks. That’s crazy. Anyway, The Doll Collection: Volume One is finally done and ready to go! I will add it to my Books page shortly, but felt I should also make an announcement to anyone who still even looks at this website. (Not sure that’s happening–which is why I just ramble, because–why not?)

Anyway, it looks great and I am itching to get Volume Two done and out. All of the stories have their first drafts done–just lots of editing to do, and the illustrations, of course. My artist is taking a break and working (understandably!) on other projects for a bit. By the time she’s ready, I could have Volume Three ready (maybe!). At least, the first drafts may be done for #3 as well. The nice thing is that I can decide between more stories which ones I want to go into #2, though I think I have it pretty well figured out. I think Volume 1 was dark at times. Volume 2 will be even darker. Who knows how 3 and 4 will end up?? The ideas do keep coming, so I think I’m up to nine stories for volume 4–only 5 left to come up with and that shouldn’t take much. When I go to deliver a copy of this book to the Morris Museum in a few weeks, I will likely come away from there with at least one or two new tales. It’s just way too easy.

I’m not sure there’s much else going on. School is still in session so creating anything new is still on delay. I added a little more to “Sting” (TDC: V2) but I think that’s all since my last post. I’m itching to travel again and get out of this microcosm of a town. I need to see new faces, and since I’m all done with events for this year (until February, in fact), of course I want it all the more. Time to start planning, though getting some money saved up for next year is coming to the fore. Lots of things in the pipeline, if I can manage them.

Ah, yes–one more thing. Muses. Yeah–Again. Back in September after I attended the Erie Comicon, I came away with, not two, but three. One is directly linked to The Pound. One amuses the heck out of me and I’m grateful for his friendship–some of his out-of-nowhere comments hit me just right and I can’t express in words how much I love how our humor matches up. He gets it and I adore him to bits for that. The third muse catches my attention for completely different reasons. Maybe it’s because we didn’t get to talk much at the show. Maybe because he approached me for my business card and I have yet to learn why. Maybe something else? Maybe nothing at all. At this point, he’s all mystery and that will be okay for a little while longer. Sometimes this is good. In his case, sooner or later I’d rather he speak up. At least open some channel of communication–even a little one. Well, a girl can dream, right? I don’t address him as Rabbit in my head for nothing.

Go ahead, shy boy: tell me your Rime.


I have always loved to dress up in costumes and though I’ve always felt awkward in front of a camera, when I was about 14 years old, I had my mom take me to the Barbizon Modeling Academy in Seattle to see what it was all about. Some lady had me walk in front of her across the room and then back with no other instruction. Her assessment of me: “You’re not model material.”

I put this lady in the same category as Ms. Acton who, when I was in 3rd grade, told me “Not to even bother” because I couldn’t “get” the zh pronunciation of words like leisure. The problem was that I couldn’t comprehend what she was asking of me. I “got it” just fine. I’m on the brink of publishing my seventeenth book–Ms. Acton–I think I’ve more than proven I get it. Besides tear down a 9 year old because you were a lousy, impatient teacher, what have you ever done?

Back to modeling: I’ve never thought of myself as stunning or as a super model. I wish sometimes that I were. I have repeatedly been reminded of my physical flaws–with audacity told to try and “do something about them”, like I have access to plastic surgeons and all that. It’s not fun to be on the receiving end of that and a lot of damage has resulted. Damage that can’t be seen through any camera. So now I do what I can to put myself out there, bite the bullet and smile away, even when surrounded by gorgeous, perfect models who continuously wow everyone including the photographers. Last weekend was one of those times. Here are a few of the results of that:

Photo by Linda O’Donnell

Photo by Linda O’Donnell

Photo by Chad Harnish

I attribute how well these came out to the photographers and luck, though I should take a little credit for being in them. Still–it’s hard. Maybe someday I will be over all of the cruel words that were said to me. It has helped to recognize that they were said by someone who saw a strong, unbreakable person in me and, being inferior, felt he needed to bring me down to his level of insecurity. The thing is, I will rise back up even if it takes time. The effect of his words as temporary as he was, and that is a healing thought.

On another note, I think these images capture the true nature of my humor, playfulness, and maybe even some of my elegance.