Bring On Volume Two!

I’ve been trying off and on all day to get some writing done–all homework pushed to the side for once (well, until tomorrow, anyway)–so I could get into a daydreamy mindset instead. I actually got down two pages for “Dumb”,  before realizing that it will go into The Doll Collection: Volume Three, not #2. So, I set that aside and went back to working on “Sting”. That poor story keeps getting set on the back burner, and funny thing–I actually have a tender fondness for this one, and it should be worked on before any others! Well, it’s about half done at this point. I’ve been poking along at it and added 2.5 pages today. What is stumping me at the moment, is that I keep stopping to look at pictures of Monte Carlo (where part of the story takes place). Really: wouldn’t it just be easier to go there and see it for myself? Then I could write from the experience.

What was that about a “daydreamy mindset”? I guess travel plans are bound to slip in there as well, and why not? I would actually love to go there–it looks beautiful. I keep saying it, and I’ll say it again: I need to update my passport, STAT. Maybe for more reasons than just leisurely travel…

I did just learn recently that there is such a thing as a writer’s visa for the UK. I certainly don’t make enough money to support myself by selling books (sadly), but if I did, you’d better believe I’d give that a whirl. I could definitely use a foreign change of scenery. Preferably for more than a week, and with an amazing travel companion. I’m back to believing that this is possible. Until then, back to the weaving.

Before I do that though: I had a quick chat with my artist for The Doll Collection and Felix will be starting on the illustrations for Volume Two later this month. I’m ecstatic about that! Winter break will be spent focusing on getting my first pass edits done on the stories for that, and getting rough sketches for the illustrations sent to her. Since I’ve done some shuffling around of stories between volumes 2 and 3, I do have two other tales besides “Sting” to get done. If I can fit it in, I’ll be finishing it up tomorrow. “Indeed” and “Again” will get written shortly thereafter.

All right, enough of the blah blahing.

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