As the ink dries, the paint shall run

In case anyone missed it, The Open Book is now available for ordering. I don’t have any in stock yet, but it can be ordered (unsigned) through Signed copies are available upon pre-order and request (send $22 via through PayPal). Turn around time on that is about 2 weeks as I have to order the book, get and sign it, and then ship it back out. You can always order from Lulu and bring it to me to sign at a later date. Right now, the only show I have booked for 2017 is FarPoint in February.

Today is the first day of my winter break from work. I have a long list of things to do (none are terribly earth-shattering, but such is my life right now), and as I said before, I’ll be job hunting during that time as well (still). Maybe I will do some writing. I have it on my list, alternating between two different books, but as I mentioned a post or two ago, there’s no inspiration happening right now and the cheerleading I once had is now gone as well. Non-writers have no idea how important it is to have someone on our side, telling us how proud they are of us, how excited and happy they are when we are writing…It is the light and nourishment that makes us writers feel like even bothering. Sure, I can write without it–I can write garbage. I can write the stuff that fills dark, formidable, cold sewage ways and stale, hollow alleys that no one ever wishes to visit. No joy, no purpose. It’s how all of life feels inside without those encouraging words.

Just a small insight to my world at present. Isn’t it lovely? It’s why there is once again paint and canvas in my home. I’m back to a place I never wanted to return to again. I can only hope that it helps as it did the last time. If not…*shrug*