And perhaps some more completion (aka Rewrite)

I guess it isn’t fair to say that “Staged” has undergone a rewrite. It hasn’t. Some heavy editing, yes. I came across four parts in my many read throughs this week where things were too closely repeated (two different themes, twice. Are we getting into math here??). Even though one of my editors looked it over and didn’t mention them, they still didn’t sit right with me–the ending flew with her, by the way. I think today’s work on it has set things fairly straight. I will, of course, read it Again tomorrow and/or Sunday just to be sure it is as ready and final as I can possibly make it. I hit a snag in revealing too much, in playing on perceptions of my muse and even some rather blunt expression. None of it is bad–it’s all extremely good, in fact. I just have a fear of being presumptuous and having that translate in an unwanted sort of way when read. I will just say upfront that there’s only one opinion of this story that will ever matter to me and mine comes second. It is not unstressful, wanting to please a muse as deeply as I do, especially one who is so very dear and I can put no logical reason to it. The planets aligned, or energies matched up, or something. I have no answers, no explanations. I cherish it and those are all the words I have for it–everything else is between him and me. I feel honored and grateful. I’ll probably keep saying that, too.

Back to what I was saying…”Staged” is much closer to full completion, much closer to being ready to go into TDC. My goal is to get it there by the end of next weekend at the latest. On that note, Felix has all of the images needed to illustrate this one. I also received the final drawing for “Wanted”. “Secret”, “Part’n’er” and “Trystan” should be coming along soon. The cover design has also been discussed, so perhaps the book’s release won’t be too much later than initially planned. I can only imagine what it will be like to hold this one: Book Baby 17. Probably pretty damn exciting and I’m looking forward to it for countless reasons. Not the least of which is immortalization of so many amazing and beautiful things.

Coming soon!

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