And now…the turtle is in the race

After an incredible streak of writing between June and early July, something happened and I came to a ridiculously slow crawl. Her Majesty’s first draft is finished, Starbright’s first draft is finished, and while I’ve definitely added to Darling Orphan, I haven’t been nearly as productive as I was prior to Shore Leave. What happened??? I honestly don’t know, except that I theorize that massive amounts of laziness have invaded. Well, that’s both annoying and won’t do, because the new semester started, and now my time will be tied up in homework. I do plan to try and still scribble out what I can in the interim, but it is a habit I have fallen out of and may fall farther still. A shame, since I really wanted to have the first draft to Darling Orphan done before classes started. I’m about 77 pages away from my goal, as far as pages go, so it’s not unreachable, and the material is definitely there in my head–refusing to budge, as it can often do, or not do as is this case. The nice thing about fall semester though, is that there are little breaks (online classes still being kind of nonstop however), and I can try to pretend they don’t exist for the sake of getting my schoolwork done on time or slightly ahead, and then when those little breaks come around, I can use them to write. Yes, I can hear my muses laughing already–You want to schedule what??? It’s worth a shot, and the cooler weather is certainly inviting when it comes to writing. Today is a perfect day for it–rainy, quite cool…

Not to leave myself completely beaten up over how little writing I’ve done lately–I do owe some of my slacking to the fact that I started a new job in mid-July. It’s pretty incredible to finally have a single job that will cover my expenses, so now I can actually focus on my schoolwork, and not tie up every shred of energy in a second job, commuting, and wondering how I’m going to pay bills or eat. I love my new job for so many reasons, and it has been something to get used to. I am grateful!

I have updated my events page (somewhat), with the next 3 shows I will be doing. I have more or less averaged one show per month (sometimes two, so that balanced out the months missed), and it’s a really great schedule to be on! I don’t yet have anything past October, but that doesn’t mean that something won’t come up. I’ll let you know! It is also pretty amazing that I have been an actual Guest to the majority of shows I’ve done this year, versus having to come in as a paid vendor. It almost feels like I’ve finally paid my dues! I still feel like “small potatoes” though, and may never get over that.