A “Secret” Midday Post

As I stated at the very bottom of my last post (beneath the picture of my empty pen), I gave in and started working on “Staged”. As of last night when I succumbed to bedtime, I had eight pages done. So far today–five more. I’m finding I cannot write nearly quickly enough to keep up with my thoughts, though I’m certainly trying to! I am curious to know how much more I will get done this evening. I hope to break twenty pages (at least) by the time I return to the cirque tomorrow night. I suppose it would put some validation on my requests to be able to say, “Yeah–I’m 20(+) pages into it already.” Not that I have to justify myself, though I imagine not many people walk into a venue claiming, “I’m writing a story about this”. At least, not many who would make that claim and actually mean it or carry it out. It’s nice to know that, for all that I make up, the part about writing a story is true and made up in a completely different way.


Needless to say, I’m really excited about this story for so many reasons. It’s not with every piece that I get to be IN the setting, or around my real life muses. It’s such an incredible honor that I will probably mention it again. It’s hard not to be gracious about it as well and I hope that I remember to express that at every opportunity.  I recognize the rarity of the situation, and that is pretty big as well. I think I get more out of it–I have the chance to (hopefully!) think of all the right questions to ask while the answers are so close at hand, and I would certainly be a fool not to take advantage of that!

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